Everyone does sports at least once a week. But not everyone knows is how to keep your body safe with proper hydration, especially with BODYARMOR drink.

We have been looking for the perfect sports drink after exercise and we have found our ideal drink, BODYARMOR.

So basically, during exercise your body starts sweating, losing water, sodium and potassium. Also, in extreme exercise you are creating lots of lactic acidosis, so the body reacts by releasing potassium to balance the workout loss.

With this loss of potassium and lots of body fluid from sweat, your body and especially the muscle become weaker. To reverse that, you need re-hydration and that is where BODYARMOR comes in. It gives you the needed amount of potassium that is appropriately absorbed to re-quench those sore muscles. The fluid of course is good replacement for all the lost. It will improve your muscle contractions and exercise and prevent muscle cramps. Furthermore, it improves nerve signaling and bone health with the electrolytes.

It is better than other hydrating drinks because it contains more electrolytes and vitamins but less sodium and no artificial coloring or flavors. So it is safe for children as it is also caffeine free. Luckily it comes in twelve great flavors so it suits every taste.

Lastly, keeping your body properly hydrated keeps it in shape on the long run. Saving those kidneys and liver from adverse dehydration and keeping a sharp mind to focus on work post exercise is the most important.

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ELMENS.com has received a small product for review from BODYARMOR.

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