Pilates is one of the most popular fitness disciplines for those who love to stay fit and feel good. Many do them to keep the body toned and looking good, sometimes without knowing that they generate many more benefits than simply improving the aesthetic aspect. Let’s discover all the benefits they provide.

Staying in shape is a top priority for many people, who go to great lengths to achieve the toned, athletic-looking body that everyone dreams of. There are many techniques to help achieve this goal, not least of which is Pilates, a very effective and fun way to exercise.

Pilates is based on knowledge of anatomy, neuromuscular education and biomechanics applied to the maintenance of the body through specialized routines and exercises that help to generate excellent results in the body.

Many doctors even recommend Pilates as a recovery technique and for the treatment of different types of injuries and conditions. It is ideal for treating traumatic problems in the body and for maintaining good health. That is why it has become so popular in recent times and is gaining more and more followers and supporters.

There are many academies that offer classes and complete Pilates sessions, at different levels and for all preferences, which are easily accessible. One of the most prominent in Barcelona is SimplybePilates, which offers a variety of plans for all tastes and budgets, under the strict supervision of professional fitness experts.

This academy provides a range of special services related to fitness exercises for men and women of all ages, including pregnant women, who receive treatment according to their condition.

With SimplyBePilates you can find your perfect balance between mind and body with specially designed routines designed to help you relax and make the most of your physical exertion.

It is a company that provides Pilates, massage and osteopathy services in its studio located in Barcelona, or at home, for which it has a staff of specialists in these areas, offering a personalized comprehensive care, tailored to the needs of each person.

Just make an appointment to go to the studio and receive classes and attention in the same place, or coordinate a visit to your home, flat, accommodation or wherever you are. Whichever location you choose, the professional attention of the SimplyBePilates specialists will make you feel great.


Benefits of Pilates

With Pilates, you can keep your body toned, correct posture, maintain good mental health, improve blood circulation and heart condition and have a great time in the process. They are exercises designed for each individual case, which, when done in the right way, generate many health benefits:

  • Strengthens balance.
  • It invigorates the strength, muscular constitution and flexibility of the joints and the whole body in general.
  • It soothes and rests the mind.
  • Contributes to burning body fat and toning the body.
  • Helps prevent and rehabilitate injuries.
  • Relieves general aches and pains.
  • Promotes a better pregnancy and an excellent postpartum recovery.
  • Helps you get a good night’s sleep.
  • It keeps you active and in excellent condition.

There are many positive aspects to Pilates, which have made it very popular all around the world. The plan is always to get the body moving and if it is done in the coordinated and planned way that Pilates provides, so much the better.

So if you want to keep fit, improve your health and feel good both physically, and mentally, you should start practising Pilates. It is very beneficial for the body and very easy to do, just sign up for a good academy to assess your needs and recommend the plan that suits you best. It’s as easy as that.