In order to stay healthy and reach your goal regarding your looks and weight, it’s essential that you engage in a regular physical activity. However, that’s easier said than done. One of the main issues the majority of people encounter when trying to exercise more regularly is the lack of motivation. So, what can you do to make sure that you have enough energy and willpower to keep working out? The following tips can help you push through and create a true habit out of exercising.

At the gym

Play the right tunes

You may find this a bit silly, but music can affect your mood considerably. This is true for various situations, including the time for the gym. Playing music that makes you feel all happy, energetic and jumpy is definitely going to help you get your groove on when exercising as well.

Organize your time

If you’re desperately trying to get into a workout habit but it just doesn’t seem you can do it, you may be trying to exercise as you go with the flow. If you haven’t been a regular gym goer before, this is not going to be a fruitful endeavor. Try your best to schedule your workouts for the whole week in advance, around your other obligations.

Organize your gear

It may seem a bit shallow, but let’s face it – when your motivation is not on a high level, you look for any excuse to avoid the task. This is why it’s super important to pack your gym bag with essentials well in advance! You won’t need to waste any time on getting the shirt, pants, sneakers, towel etc… which can speed up your departure to the gym for 10-15 minutes. It’s a silly mind trick you can play on yourself, but it works!

Have a workout buddy

People are social beings and more often than not, we all need a wholehearted support of someone we care about and trust. In that respect, check with your friends whether someone wants to exercise as well. Going to the gym will be much more enjoyable when you have someone to talk to and share your experience with.

Take the right approach

We all want to reach our ideal weight and goals as soon as possible. However, keeping just your final goal in mind is not a good way to motivate yourself. If you want to make a habit out of going to the gym regularly, you need to set smaller goals. That way, you’ll always have something to accomplish, without feeling like wanting to give up constantly.

Record your improvement

One of the most interesting ways to keep yourself motivated for the gym is to take photos of yourself in a bathing suit every once in a while. Snap a photo of yourself before starting your workouts and then do the same every couple of days. The weight doesn’t have to show any change but your body definitely will. When you manage to spot the changes on your body thanks to the pics, you can expect a motivation boost as well.

Don’t push yourself

This may seem a bit contradictory, but it’s still very important that you don’t force yourself into exercising or doing the same set of exercises every single day, especially if you’re a beginner. Not every day is the same and you can’t possibly feel the same constantly. In that respect, it’s essential to accept the change in the mood and adjust your workout routine to your current condition.

Ready and packed

It’s also the little things that can kill your motivation in an instant, especially if you’re already contemplating whether to go to the gym or not. Therefore, it’s very important that you keep your gym clothes, as well as the rest of your gym equipment, packed and ready to go. If you have to look for your gym necessities when you already feel a bit down and unwilling, the chances are you’ll ditch the workout session altogether.

Even when there are days when you don’t feel like working out at all, try to engage in physical activity for at least five minutes. These five minutes of exercise can give you a boost of energy and motivate you to push further. And even if you really stop after five minutes, you’ll still get the benefits of exercising for a while. The important thing in this case is consistency.