Paragliding is the most fun recreational adventure. It gives you a feeling like you have wings and gives you great joy. Bir billing is the most popular site for paragliding in India and 2nd most popular globally. It offers two options in which you can either fly solo or tandemly. It is safe and hosted and managed by the best team.

It is under Mr. Arvind Kaur who is 2-time world champion and 3rd among Indians in the paragliding world cup. He is the leading instructor of paragliding at birth billing along with Himachal tourism.

Good weather conditions allow you to enjoy the beautiful snow capped hills of Himalayas. This is a 15-20 mins journey starting from billing at 8000m above sea level and landing at bir which is 4300 m above sea level.


History Of Bir Billing

Bir billing is amongst the most popular site for paragliding pilots both Indian and for foreigners.The launch site is at the meadow of billing and the landing site is at the Chowgan village of Bir. The village continues to host many international events and competitions.

This place was founded by the Chokling people and they bought 200 acres of land. Later many Tibetan families started living here and the population finally aroused.

This place was undertaken by the fourth Neten Chokling where the family of the third Chokling bought this place to wings. Ever since the paragliding in Bir-Billing remained famous.

Requirements For Paragliding:

– There are certain safety measures which have to be taken account for to ensure safe paragliding.

-The charge depends upon the time wasted by the person and according to their weight. The weight if is more than 90-115 the paragliding team demands extra charge.

-For videography or carrying camera equipment, extra charge is taken,

-For your safety, an experienced pilot is always with you to give you the best experience.

-Travel insurance takes care of all the baggage, injury, accidents and trip cancellation.

-For safety carabineers which are attached with the harness of both pilot and customer to the glider is present, along with helmet which has to be worn on all times.

-Travel insurance is also taken care of weather abnormalities, loss of baggage, hospitalization, and evacuation.

Solo Paragliding

This is only for an experienced pilot. They are allowed to fly only after 12-15 flying courses. Many solo paragliders fly solo from Bir to Billing regularly. The pilot is well experienced and knows very technique to be confident enough for solo paragliding.

Tandem Paragliding

This is for our guests. In this only one person is allowed to go for paragliding along with the experienced pilot.

This is for enjoyment and recreation purposes of the guests. All their pilots are well experienced and know all the techniques to give you the most thrilling adventure of your life. The pilot and tourist are harnessed by a belt with each other to ensure 100% safety.

Best Time To Visit Bir Billing?

Anytime throughout the year is best for paragliding except for the monsoon seasons. Clear skies are an utmost requirement for paragliding. Monsoon season starts from late July to early September when paragliding remains closed.

October to November and March to June are two best time periods to go for paragliding. During this time period, the weather is moderate and the tourists can enjoy the snow-capped mountains of the Dauladhar region.

Other Activities To Do Apart From Paragliding

There are many other options rather than paragliding in big billing, like:-

1) Trekking to raj gundha village,

2) Mountain biking

3) Camping

4) Visit to Mukutnath temple

5) Visit to Dharamsala

6) Visit to Kangra Devi