Being online 24/7 means that we are staring at all kinds of news and visiting people’s profiles on the social networks on a daily basis. Everyone seems to be following and promoting certain trends and they make us want to try it. Whether it’s a new TikTok challenge, a coffee challenge, a high-fat keto diet, branded clothing or new technology, we are all going crazy for them like it or not.

You should be extremely careful with the things you decide to follow and give a try especially when it comes to your health. You don’t have to fall for anything that it’s not good for you just because the Internet says it’s cool.

Today I will share with you six fitness trends that you should try and that are actually good for you.

6 Exercise Trends To Try

Circuit Training

This type of training will keep you active all of the time and you won’t get a chance to get bored or tune out. You are going to love circuit training because it contains exercises that focus on different parts of your body every two minutes. The best thing about it is that you can design it in any way you like and choose the exercises that target the muscles you would like to work on.

If you would like to get a preview in circuit training, here it is: jumping lunges, push-ups, squats,     jump roping, deadlifts and mountain climbers. You should be careful that there’s no rest between the exercises and that you rotate really quickly through them. You will strengthen your endurance by switching between exercises that focus on different parts of your body thus giving certain muscles a rest.


In order to get the best results of your workouts you should pay attention to have healthy eating habits at the same time. CrossFit offers you effective and safe exercises that will give you outstanding results. There’s no wonder that it’s considered to be a fitness regimen!

There are a number of various exercises in CrossFit, so mens cross training shoes should be designed in such a way that they are suitable for different safe and effective workouts, from cardio to weightlifting to endurance bootcamps.


If you are interested in cycling then you should definitely check out the Peloton stationary bike. It’s pretty amazing because it brings a cycling instructor into your home virtually that will make you sweat. The classes are pre-recorded and you have access to them anytime you want.

You can browse through different workout styles, skill levels and even playlist preferences. You may be required to invest a higher up-front cost at first, but it will definitely pay out in the long run if you use it regularly.


Everyone says that you should exercise if you are looking to relieve stress, but the best way to really blow off steam is boxing.

I bet that there’s a ton of boxing studios in your neighbourhood and that you won’t find it hard to reach them, but you should also have in mind that there are plenty of online boxing classes available to you on the internet as well. They will condition your body in the same way and make you feel amazing too!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Are you looking for a way to burn your calories in the shortest period of time possible? The high-intensity interval training or HIIT is definitely something that will work for you.

The high-intensity exercises focus all of their attention on stamping, strength and conditioning. This training is different from the circuit exercises in the level of intensity and the burst of exercise. You are going to feel an explosive energy during the whole training and you will have it completed in 10 minutes or less. It can target three, four or five muscle groups at once.

If you are interested to give HIIT a try, find specialized HIIT gyms and studios throughout your town or choose from a bunch of at-home HIIT tutorials.

HIIT gym bike

6 Virtual Reality Fitness

There are people who don’t want to show up in the gym but still want to do their workouts regularly. In case you are that type of person you should definitely embrace Virtual Reality Fitness and make the best of the simulated gym environment from the comfort of your home. Plus, it offers you tracking features that will keep track of your progress and health which is pretty amazing.

Fit These Fitness Trends Into Your Routine

These exercise trends and the simple fitness resolutions will get you looking and feeling awesome. But remember not to stress much if they don’t fit your style!