When it comes to exercising, the World Health Organization (WHO) has a range of recommendations in place to try to ensure that everyone gets the required exercise to lead a healthy life. Over the last decade, an increasing number of men have started to pay closer attention to their health and appearance, often spending long hours in the gym, focusing on various muscle groups that will boost their physique. Unfortunately, there are a number of muscles that do not receive the necessary attention. This results in a disproportionate appearance as well as an increased injury risk. When working out, it is definitely in your best interest to include these lesser-known muscle groups in your exercise efforts.

Rotator cuffs stabilize the shoulder


The rotator cuff is one of the most underutilized muscle groups in the body. It comprises four muscles that work together to stabilize the shoulder joints. They are also vital in ensuring that you enjoy full range of motion in both your shoulders and arms. While a lot of focus is typically placed on developing the deltoids, bulging deltoids won’t be of much use if your rotator cuff is torn. Rotator cuff injuries are particularly common among tennis and baseball players, as well as people who engage in repetitive overhead motions associated with house construction. Make a point of giving your rotator cuffs the attention they deserve by doing exercises such as doorway stretches and inverted rows, either at the gym or home.

The trapezius promotes good posture

Although we use our neck and shoulders all the time, the muscles located in this region of the body are often terribly neglected. It is important to keep the various muscles in the neck and upper back exercised to prevent poor posture from setting in and to reduce the risk of neck pain. The large, triangular trapezius muscle plays a huge part in determining your posture, and also counteracts the overall weight of shoulder bags. The muscle, which starts just below the skull and continues down the neck and shoulders in a triangular shape, can be strengthened and toned in a number of ways. Shoulder blade squeezes are particularly good at working the trapezius, as are push-ups. The neck can be further strengthened by performing chin tucks and side-to-side neck tilts on a regular basis.

The gluteus medius deserves some attention

While a lot of attention is typically placed on the gluteus maximus, the surrounding muscle groups are often forgotten. The gluteus medius is situated to the side of the pelvis where it contributes towards balance, strength, and coordination. A well-develop gluteus medius can help prevent knee injuries, while also improving running speed and squatting stability. You can work these muscles by engaging in a range of resistance and strength exercises, including weighted hip extensions, lunges, bridges, and weighted squats.

At the gym
In order to look and feel your best, it is important to give all your muscle groups the attention they deserve. You are bound to experience a huge improvement in your physique once you start placing some focus on all the forgotten muscles in your body.