Did you know that over 71 million people visited health clubs and gyms in 2018? Thanks to next-generation health guidance, getting fit, and achieving the body shape you want has never been easier.

However, it is also possible to achieve the same great shape whilst at home, even while quarantining. Weight bench workouts are one of the most efficient ways to build muscle even at home. What are the most effective exercises? Why not follow our guide below to find out.

1. Bench Presses

Bench pressing is one of the most well-known bench exercises. To start off ensure that you have the right equipment. Exercising on sub-standard or old equipment could cause you to develop bad exercise habits.

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To bench press, follow the following steps. Lie flat on the bench with your feet on the ground. Hold the barbell with a suitable weight in front of your chest. Now push, or press, the weight up upwards until your arms are straight. After this, you can slowly lower the bar into its first position.

This exercise focuses on the minor and major pectoral muscles in the chest. Start with a small number of reps and increase as your body adjusts.

2. Dumbbell Flyes

To perform Dumbbell Flyes, start by lying flat on your back again. This time take a pair of dumbells and hold them at arm’s length above your chest. Next, open your arms into a wide T-position all the time keeping your elbows bent a little. Lower your arms to about the level of your chest on either side.

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This exercise also targets the pectoral muscles.

3. Pullovers

Perform pullovers by again lying on the bench, however this time in a perpendicular position. Only your back should rest on the cushion. Holding one dumbbell per hand over your head pull the dumbells down and past your body level. Ensure that your back remains straight throughout the maneuver and that your feet are flat on the floor.

4. Working Your Abs

Building your core involves more than just ab work. As numerous pilates exercises show, a solid core can contribute to better overall body strength. Try this ab workout to improve your core strength.

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Place both of your feet on the elevated bench. Use your hands to support your body weight in an elevated press-up position. Hold this planking position for 30 seconds or one minute if you are able. Rest and repeat.

5. Tricep Kickbacks

If you want to strengthen your triceps this is a great exercise. Warning: you will feel the burn and even ache a little in the days after the exercise.

So how is it done:

Place one knee on the weight bench. Next, using the opposing arm pick up a weight. Your upper arm should be parallel to the floor. Using only the forearm, bring the fore-arm into a parallel position with the floor to match the upper arm. Release and repeat.

Weight Bench Workouts and Much More

Weight Bench Workouts are one of the best ways to build up specific muscle groups. However, learning which exercises do this in the most efficient manner takes time and experience.

Experience will also teach you about your body’s limitations and ways to prevent or cope with workout injuries. Learn how to apply kinesiology tapes to your legs, knees, shoulders, and other body parts that may have been overexerted. Also, give your body sufficient time to heal and recover.

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