Stuul® stands for the “toilet stool revolution” Made in Germany. The designers follow their great role model, the squatty potty from the US, but also very clearly differentiate from it – especially with regard to the design and the choice of material.

The toilet stool forces this healthy squatting posture and is therefore a consistently sensible and valuable product.


Daniel Kövary, co-founder and co-initiator of Stuul, bought one of the usual white plastic toilet stools and placed it in front of his toilet. Two hours later when his wife came home from work, however, this plastic stool was banned from the bathroom and a discussion broke out with his wife about how ugly, cheap and generally inappropriate this stool looked in the lovingly decorated designer bathroom.

After a short research, Daniel found out that in fact, not a single product was available on the market that met his aesthetic demands. Furthermore, none of the available stools was designed to be environmentally and climate-friendly and also all existing products were bulky, impractical, and not very well thought out.

Daniel Kövary, himself an e-commerce expert and startup consultant, joined forces with the renowned industrial designer Ralph Christian Bremenkamp (BMW / frog design) to reinvent the toilet stool from scratch. Not only form, handling, and size, but also the material was questioned – with the result to develop an innovative and completely differently designed, sustainable, and intelligent toilet stool by themselves and to have it produced in Germany and Stuul was born.

“We were not meant to sit on toilets”

Proctologist Michael Freilich famously told TIME magazine in 1978, after President Carter had hemorrhoid troubles.

“We were meant to squat in the field”.



To make it easier to lift and set up while seated, we have made stuul as light as possible. The ergonomic handle opening allows easy and comfortable handling. Its arrow-like shape indicates the correct positioning in an intuitive way. The unique geometry of stuul also enables an ergonomically correct foot angle that is tilted forward and creates a flat top surface when assembled.


Stuul is produced climate neutral in Germany. All production-related emissions are reduced to a minimum and all remaining CO2 emissions are offset by climate protection measures. Our shipping is fully compensated by participation in climate protection projects.


Stuul consists of a high-density particle foam. This unique light and warm material is skin neutral, food-safe, resists impact without damage and is resistant to most chemicals.


Stuul is 100% recyclable. Should our customers really no longer need their stuul, we invite them to simply return it to us by post so that it can be directly fed back into the material cycle.


The innovative two-part design creates space in the bathroom and is discreetly unobtrusive. The product has already been awarded the Universal Design Consumer Award, the IDA Design Awards and the Good Design Award.