A shortage of N95 respirator masks, poses the question, what makes an effective mask? Why was their shortage a problem? The N95 mask is mainly used by health workers and is manufactured specifically for the medical field since it’s considered to be the most effective in trapping tiny air pathogens. The only problem is that during the Covid-19 surge, there was a need for reusable respirator masks for frontline health workers as supply did not meet the high demand. Its shortage led to the supply of the KN95 mask, which is a suitable substitute.

Both the KN95 and T95 have the same certification standard. The KN95 is manufactured in such a way that it can be used in social spaces effectively; whereby social distancing measures are not possible. For instance, public spaces that tend to be crowded and therefore, its use has been proven to greatly reduce the chances of the spread of the Coronavirus. So, what qualities makes the KN95 face mask most effective in the social scene?

The Effectiveness of The KN95 Mask

The KN95 is the regulatory standard for respirator masks certified in China and has been approved according to international standards. KN95 has been regulated and certified as a suitable filtering PPE commodity for the consumer and front-line health workers.  It’s ideal for use and reuse, making it economical.  Its features make it ideal for the effective prevention from the coronavirus in highly contagious spaces and during shortages in medical facilities.

What Features Make The KN95 Effective?


● It is more comfortable compared to the N95
● It has multi-layers that allow for close-fitting so that droplets do not get in or out.
● Designed in such a way that it seals correctly yet comfortable for the wearer.
● The folds allow for the proper circulation of air without it having to leak on the side.
● Re-usable and therefore economical and can also be effectively reused in medical facilities in case of N95 emergency shortages.
● Offers the same protection as the N95, preventing at least 95% of particles from being inhaled.


The issue of counterfeits has been raised. There are ‘KN95’ masks in the market that have not been certified and do not have the approved label. There are also KN95 variations that are not recommended. KN95 masks that have valves are not as effective as they allow air to pass through since there is no barrier or filtration. To ensure that the mask you are buying is not a counterfeit, ensure that it is FDA registered. You can also check its effectiveness by pouring water on it. If it leaks, it’s counterfeit.

Due to the shortage of the N95, the KN95 came in handy. The KN95 is significant because of its multi-layer properties, filtration effectiveness, and it is more comfortable to wear than the N95. Not necessarily to be used on a day-to-day basis but more efficient than ordinary masks in highly contagious public spaces. It is also considered an adequate substitute for the N95 masks in case of shortage.