Over the years, Adderall has helped a lot of people with ADHD. However, people with Adderall addiction can and should seek treatment from licensed professionals.

The Good and Bad Points of Adderall Use

Adderall is a stimulant medication used in the treatment of ADHD. This medication reduces the impulsivity and racing thoughts that make ADHD so hard to live with. Additionally, Adderall is sometimes prescribed to treat cases of narcolepsy. While Adderall certainly has valid medicinal uses, it also has potential for abuse. It is sadly all too common for people to take Adderall in improperly large doses. Because Adderall can reduce your appetite, some people start abusing this medicine in an effort to lose weight.

The Short-Term Side Effects of Adderall Abuse

Even short-term Adderall abuse can cause some problematic side effects. These may include appetite loss, nausea and headaches. Other potential short-term problems include insomnia, restless leg syndrome and extreme irritability. Collectively, these short-term effects can interfere with personal and professional goals.

The Alarming Mental Health Side Effects of Adderall

In rare cases, short-term Adderall use can cause more serious effects like hallucinations, delusional ideation and even psychosis. Naturally, side effects will vary from person to person. Side effects sometimes disappear after a week or two of initial use. If you use Adderall as prescribed by your doctor, you may not experience significant side effects at all. Even if you use Adderall as prescribed, you could experience some unfortunate issues. If you notice any alarming side effects that affect your daily life, contact your physician immediately.

Long-Term Effects of Abusing Adderall

Long-term Adderall side effects include all of the short-term effects. In addition, long-term Adderall misuse can increase your risk for heart attack or stroke. Taking high doses of Adderall can lead to dependency. If you take high doses of Adderall for a long period, this can change the way your system produces neurotransmitters. Your brain may produce less dopamine. As a result, you may begin to experience lethargy and irritability when you don’t take Adderall. These effects on your brain will mostly disappear when ySSou stop using this medicine. On the other hand, any damage to your heart is likely permanent in nature. Men who take Adderall can face unique struggles. For men, Adderall can reduce sex drive and contribute to erectile dysfunction. These side effects can negatively affect relationships and create emotional distress.

Assessing the Overall Impact of Adderall

Looking at Adderall addiction stats, it is clear that Adderall has substantial addiction risk. According to the experts at Aion Health, “Alcohol addiction can be very serious, and people with an addiction can face many challenges in their daily lives.” If you find yourself using Adderall in an unhealthy way, you should be willing to seek professional help.

Rehab 101: How to Choose Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Without question, excellent rehabs have done a lot to improve life for ordinary Americans. If you or a loved one is dealing with a serious Adderall addiction, you should seek help immediately.