Top 6 Reason How Do People Develop Lower Back Pains?


We talk about back pains, there are several risks involved. You may wonder why all of a sudden, you’re suffering from these unusual back pains. Well there are many stimuli in your body which can be triggered and then result in lower and upper back pains.

If at any point in time you feel that your back pain is getting severe then it would be recommended that you immediately look for the best orthopedic doctor in Karachi. There are many reasons and risk factors as a result of which people tend to suffer from lower back pain. To get yourself diagnosed correctly. We have listed the risk factors which may elevate lower back pain.

1. Level Of Fitness:

Level Of Fitness

You must have heard fat people complaining of backpains. This usually occurs for people who are not physically fit. This is because the weal back and abdominal muscled don’t support the spine. People who go out and exercise a lot after being inactive for a few weeks are likely to suffer from some painful back injuries because suddenly they have started working out a lot. So, it’s better you take part in moderate level of activities throughout the week, rather doing once for all. Studies have shown that with some aerobic exercise, it helps in maintaining the levels of intervertebral discs.

2. Age:

The first major attack which occurs between the ages of 30 and 50, and the back pain becomes more severe with age. When people grow older, the loss the strength of their bone from the osteoporosis which can lead to fractures. But at the same time, the elasticity of the muscle and the decrease of tone. The intervertebral discs which begin to lose the fluid and flexibility with age and it also decrease the ability to cushion vertebrae and hence the risk of spinal stenosis also increase with age.

3. Pregnancy:

This is one the common thing which accompanies the lower back pain. This results from pelvic changes and some alternations in weight loading. However, these back symptoms can be resolved after pregnancy.

4. Genetics:


This could also be one of the potential causes of back pains because a thing like ankylosing spondylitis, it is one of the forms of arthritis which involves the fusion of some spinal joints. Therefore, which results in immobility of spine as it has genetic component to it.

5. Back Overload:

This a problem which many children face, this is unrelated to any injury. This due to the heavy loaded bag packs with several schoolbooks which lead to tremendous amounts of pack pain. Because it leads to muscle fatigue. Hence it is always recommended that school bags shouldn’t be loaded and ask Lower back pain specialists.

6. Mental Health Factors:

Mental Health FactorsThere are some mental health issues such as anxiety and depression which greatly influence the fact on how closely one focuses on their pain and also the perception of its severity. The pain that becomes chronic also contributes the development of psychological factors as stress affects the body in numerous ways.


These are some of the potential risky factors which can lead to lower back pains, hence make sure that you are careful and take proper care of your back to ensure healthy living.