Consider yourself blessed if you were born with a beautiful smile. Most people find they have one or more flaws, and they may wish to have these flaws corrected. Cosmetic dentistry can be of help with this. Many people find veneers will allow them to have the smile they have always dreamed of.

The dentist might recommend this option during a visit to discuss a smile makeover. They are nothing more than thin porcelain shells the dentist adheres to the teeth to cover imperfections. How do you know if you need veneers? What can this cosmetic treatment correct?

Gaps in the Teeth

Nobody wants to have a gap between their teeth, especially the front teeth. Veneers can correct this problem, so you no longer need to smile with your lips closed. In addition, the shells are often used to hide teeth that are oddly shaped. Once the veneers are in place, you can share a full smile with everyone you meet. Your teeth will no longer embarrass you.

Some people worry that the veneers will look unnatural. However, the dentist custom makes the veneer to blend in with the other teeth. They fit perfectly to provide you with a smile you will love.

Veneers can be used on multiple teeth if needed. They are bonded to the teeth using a dental adhesive before being cured with a special light. This ensures they remain in place while you eat, drink, and speak. You won’t need to worry about them coming loose.

Brilliant Teeth

Have you ever wondered how some people get a smile that is so bright it could almost blind you? Their secret may be dental veneers. Teeth whitening is a treatment countless people undergo, but some men and women find the whitening agent doesn’t produce the results they desire.

For example, if the teeth are stained as a result of medication you have taken, the whitening agent may not be able to remove the stains. Dental veneers can easily cover stains of this type and many others. When they are in place, you will have a smile others envy, and you only have to share why it is so bright if you want to.

Veneers won’t stain as easily as natural teeth. This means they stay whiter longer. Nevertheless, regular dental checkups and cleanings are essential to keep the veneers this brilliant white. The dentist uses a non-abrasive polishing paste that is only available to professionals.

Teeth Whitening

Hide Imperfections

A chipped or cracked tooth is more than a blemish that is unsightly. Any chip or crack also puts the tooth at risk of additional damage. Veneers can help minimize this risk by adding strength and resilience to the affected tooth. However, other options need to be explored if the tooth has severe damage. A root canal and crown or dental implant may be needed to improve the health of the tooth and its visual appearance.

Talk with the dentist to see if veneers are an option that should be considered as part of your smile makeover. The dentist should create a custom treatment plan that meets your specific needs, which may include veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, or other treatments.

Having this work done will improve your smile and quite possibly your self-esteem. Make an appointment today, so you can have a beautiful smile very soon.