Wellness and healthcare is very important for men looking to enjoy a higher quality of life and look healthier. Today, collagen supplements offer a wide range of health care benefits for men to take advantage of.

Supports overall health and wellness

Collagen powder for men is able to improve men’s overall health and well-being, as it provides essential nutrients for different needs and parts of the body.

Collagen powder benefits the tissues of the skin, joints, nails and hair, improving their appearance, elasticity and shine. It also benefits muscles, blood vessels, eyes and organs, improving their functionality and recovery.

In case of injuries, muscle stress or skin problems caused by the physical demands of sport, collagen powder is able to provide essential amino acids, reduce stress on muscles and reduce skin conditions.

The aim of this product is to help the body from the inside out, as collagen is highly nutritious and is able to benefit the body in terms of its structural integrity and strength.

Thanks to this, men can reduce the effects of the passage of time on their physical appearance, achieving greater vitality for longer.

In the aesthetic aspect, its application is able to reduce external imperfections, whether on the face, body or hair, maintaining a more balanced and healthy beauty and aesthetics.

How To Expertly Build a Men's Skin Care Routine
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Easy consumption and fast effect

The collagen powder can be added to water or any other beverage, such as juice or tea, either hot or cold, and then stir well and drink it.

The process should be repeated daily, taking 1 sachet per day for men aged 25 to 39, and 2 sachets per day for the first month for men aged 40 to 65, continuing with 1 sachet per day.

It can be taken at any time of the day, the most important thing is to take it daily, to start seeing visible results in 3 months. Although there are changes that are noticeable within a few weeks, it is best to take collagen powder regularly to take advantage of all its health and wellness benefits.

As it contains pure, high quality protein, with no additives or bioactive compounds, it can be safely taken in conjunction with other supplements. However, for specific medication protocols, a health professional should be consulted for suitability.

A highlight of this product is that it has an optimised amino acid profile and a high absorption rate of up to 98%. Thanks to this, men can take less collagen and get results in less time.

There is no need to consume more sachets than indicated per day; 5 grams per day is more than enough to experience the health and aesthetic benefits.

An innovative formula

Through a team of experts such as www.noveliusmedical.com, men can count on a formula developed according to years of studies and research to deliver the best results.

This group features marine collagen peptides, carefully selected and clinically tested, to ensure safe consumption and health benefits.

The peptides are sustainably sourced and adjusted to increase potency and bioavailability.

Thanks to rapid absorption and biodynamic properties, marine collagen peptides enter the bloodstream quickly and harmlessly. They then penetrate the target tissues to stimulate fibroblast cells, which produce collagen fibres in the body.

There are several tissues with a deficient level of collagen, which starts at a certain age, so more external consumption is required to keep it at a good level.