The world of health and fitness will always come up with yet another clever supplement or trend to steal the spotlight and earn the top spot on market shelves. However, no matter what we think of or discover, water has always been, and it will always be our main source of life. It defines our health more than anything else in our everyday nutrition, and it enables your body to make use of all the nutrients you consume daily. Knowing that, one would think that we would invest more time in choosing the right water for the sake of our long-term health.

Although tap water is something most of us consume, we treat ourselves to organic coconut water occasionally, and we reach for bottled water when it’s our last resort, do you know that pure, spring water has the most to offer? Here’s what you can expect when you switch to drinking spring water and how it helps you stay healthy for the long haul.

spring water

The superior mineral content

One of the primary reasons so many health enthusiasts choose spring water is its mineral content. Magnesium, calcium, and sodium are typically stripped from tap water or other kinds of bottled water because of the lengthy filtering process from start to finish.

Fortunately, spring water often contains a healthy abundance of these essential micronutrients, all crucial for the health of your bones, teeth, and all kinds of metabolic processes in your body.

Preserving Mother Nature

The water supply system, one would think, should be in line with the natural world and not be harmful to the environment. Then again, every single supermarket out there sells plastic-packaged bottled water, while our water supply systems are anything but eco-friendly. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find sustainable spring water brands such as SOURCE water that provide a green alternative with no carbon footprint to worry about at all.

Not only does their water come in plastic-free packaging, but it’s also extracted, sourced, and sold in a harmless manner, making it a far more sustainable option for nature lovers. If you want to reduce your own negative impact on the environment, then spring water should be your go-to choice.

No toxins and chemicals to worry about

Unsafe drinking water is, believe it or not, still an issue even in some of the best-developed regions of the world. Why? Because tap water often contains more than just what you’d expect to find in water, as we’ve mentioned already some of its most valuable minerals.

For example, tap water can contain everything from copper, lead, to arsenic, all of which need to be completely eliminated and filtered from the system. These and other toxins and chemicals found in the soil can easily make their way to our tap water. Spring water, on the other hand, is free of these and other contaminants, making it perfectly safe and healthy for daily consumption.

Pure, natural flavor

spring water

Depending on where you live and how sensitive your taste buds are, you have probably noticed a discrepancy in flavor between different types of bottled water and your tap water. This is not accidental by any means, as the added minerals or the source of water will completely alter its taste, whereas your tap water is likely filled with ingredients such as chlorine which serve their purpose, but ultimately affect the water’s core flavor.

Unlike all other kinds of water, spring water retains its raw, natural taste, especially when proper extraction methods are used to protect the water’s most vital properties. Once you switch to spring water, you’ll never want to go back, if for nothing else, then for its pure flavor!

Supporting your healthy lifestyle

spring water

More often than not, we fool ourselves into thinking that there’s nothing else to improve in our lifestyle, that all of our behavioral patterns are spot-on. However, introducing certain healthy habits while eliminating others can help us on the journey to greater health. One of them is hydration and choosing the right water for our cells, brainpower, and nutrition.

The simple act of drinking spring water, now that you know its mineral content and value in terms of nutrients, helps you support other healthy habits. After all, when you invest in quality water and top-notch vitamin supplements, why stick to smoking or consuming too much sugar? Adding spring water to your daily routine raises your own awareness of your body’s health needs, so that you will inspire yourself to choose healthy and nutritious ingredients in your diet every time.

Proper hydration remains the key pillar of health and wellbeing in these modern and hectic times. Choosing how you nourish your body can make all the difference in your energy levels, so introducing spring water into your daily routine can help you stay vibrant and resilient for years on end.