The healthcare industry is changing. It is trying to respond to increased costs, which has to happen while doctors continue to provide the best care possible.

In response to this change, the industry must innovate. One innovation in healthcare is the adoption of concierge medicine.

Keep reading to find out what a concierge doctor is and how concierge medicine is changing the healthcare industry.

What is a Concierge Doctor?

Do you know how a traditional doctor’s office works? They have about 1,800-2,000 patients. They get paid when they render services through your co-pay and insurance company.

Do you think a doctor that relies on volume can provide highly personalized care? The best, most knowledgeable doctors will find it hard to remember your name, let alone remember your health situation.

Concierge medicine, or direct primary care, flips that model around. With concierge medicine, patients pay an annual or monthly fee to have access to a physician. In most cases, the fee covers access and care that’s not covered by insurance.

The physician sees fewer patients, allowing them to provide higher quality care because they know their patients well.

Advantages of Concierge Medicine

This medical practice is becoming popular among older adults, especially as they need more care as they age. They’re discovering some major benefits of having a concierge doctor.

Your Doctor Knows You

The big advantage of having a concierge doctor is that they know who you are. A typical doctor spends about 15 minutes with a patient. It’s hard to know what you really need with so little time.

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A concierge doctor spends more than twice that amount of time with their patients.

Unlimited Service

Once you pay your annual or monthly fee, there is no limit on the number of times you can see your doctor. Since you already paid for it, you’re more likely to use it.

That allows you to call a doctor when you need, whether you get a cold or something just doesn’t feel right. You’re not putting your health on the back burner, which is a great form of preventative medicine.

Little to No Waiting Times

It’s hard to schedule an appointment with a traditional physician. Most times, you wait at least a week to get an appointment.

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In concierge medicine, you don’t have to compete with hundreds of other people to get an appointment. You can get access to a doctor when you need it most.

Does Health Insurance Cover Concierge Medicine?

This is the big question that most people will have about direct primary care. The fee isn’t covered by insurance plans, including Medicare.

You would need to set aside the funds in a Health Savings Account and use that as the service fee.

Concierge Medicine is Changing Healthcare

Patients are no longer willing to accept mediocre healthcare, especially when they’re paying so much for it. Instead, they’re opting to go to a concierge doctor.

You can now get better, more personalized care when you need it. It will be interesting to see how the industry continues to change over time.

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