In today’s busy world, people are hardly getting time to sit back and relax. Overburdened with pressures from their bosses, no longer can people meet with their family and friends frequently. Because of increasing workloads and less job satisfaction, issues of isolation, frustration, suicides are rising. As people are becoming more and more aware of these social issues, they are focusing more on improving their social health and relationships.

Social health can be defined as one’s ability to interact and form relationships with one’s companions. Within this concept of social health, the ability to adapt to his/ her surroundings is also included. We are social beings and these social relationships help us to lead better lives. Our relationships with our neighbours, friends, relatives and family determine the kind of support we would receive in times of our need. Hence, to stay socially healthy, we must develop positive relations with people.

Why is social health important?


Maintaining social relations is an important aspect of our journey of life. Several types of research have been conducted to find out how is socialising important for our lives and researchers have concluded that it’s an inseparable part of our social lives. You must try to improve your social health because there are innumerable benefits of doing so. We have listed below some of the reasons for maintaining good social health.

1 . Increases your life span

It has been found that being socially active improves your quality of life. People who interact and mix with others live happily. As a result, they live for more years.
According to recent studies conducted, social isolation can be more harmful to one’s life than obesity. Another study has found that people who had fewer social relations and an inactive social life were at higher risk of dying.

2. Reduces the risk of cardiac attacks

When you meet with your distant friends or relatives and spend quality time together, it distracts you from your routined life. For instance, you might skip going to your gym. These rare meetups help you have a good and peaceful night sleep. All of it is helpful for your heart. According to studies, spending quality time with your companions reduce the risk of experiencing heart attacks or brain damage and inflammation in your body.

3. Lowers chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

Any kind of social interaction engages your brain and keeps it active. Interacting with kids or children younger than your age is especially therapeutic. It will stabilise your moods and help you enhance your mental health. Therefore, try to improve your social wellness to the maximum.

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How to improve your social health?

If you are wondering about how to make good relations with your neighbours and companions and maintain them, have a look at the below-mentioned ways to improve social health.

  • Develop on your communication skills.
  • Build meaningful, healthy relationships with people around you. You must also interact with them to nurture the relationship.
  • Respect yourself first.

4.Create a safe support system.

As you can see, being socially active has a positive impact on your standard of life. It’s a scientifically proven fact that improved social health positively affects how you think, live and broadens your perspective about life. Therefore build your social health. Your social wellness is an important aspect of your well being.

Whenever you get time, make sure you interact and communicate with others. In life, we all need someone to whom we can open up to. No individual can spend his/ her entire life alone. Share your thoughts and experiences with others and build positive relationships with like-minded people. If you feel difficulty in doing so, immediately contact your nearest community health centre.