Everyone desires a flat stomach, but despite vigorous exercise and a healthy diet, several obstacles could prevent you from achieving this objective of stomach reduction. Stubborn fat and extra skin are typical obstacles to achieving a flat tummy. Luckily, with an East Windsor tummy tuck, you can achieve a flat belly without undertaking additional crunches or substantially restricting your calorie intake. This procedure not only boosts your self-esteem but also improves how you feel and look in your clothes. Sadly, not everybody is eligible for this procedure. Here are some criteria that you must tick to be the right candidate for a tummy tuck.

You Must Be Healthy

The most important qualification for this surgery is good health. Being healthy is essential for any non-elective or elective operation, particularly one requiring anesthesia. Thus, you will be a perfect candidate for this surgery if you are in excellent health.

Being healthy implies that you have a healthy body mass index, no severe health concerns that could impair the outcome of your surgery, and you do not smoke. If you are a smoker, you must abstain for about six weeks before and after surgery.

You Have Extra Skin

Loose skin is among the primary reasons patients elect to undertake this surgery. Extra skin could be caused by weight changes, pregnancy, and genetic predisposition, among other factors.

Nonetheless, one constant thing is that sagging skin makes people feel self-conscious and could be rather unpleasant. A tummy tuck eliminates extra skin to tone and tighten the whole abdominal region.


You Have Extra Fat

If besides excess skin, you have massive amounts of undesirable fat in your abdomen, liposuction can be utilized to remove it. After stubborn abdominal fat is eliminated, you will never have to worry about it again. Once fat cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate; thus, there will be a considerable reduction in overall fat volume in the treated area.

You Have Had One or Several Pregnancies

One of the bad effects of pregnancy is that it does expand the skin. Moreover, it impacts the abdominal muscles and can result in a substantial separation termed diastasis recti.

If your midsection is not what it used to be owing to one or several pregnancies, this surgery will assist you in regaining your pre-baby physique. Women are often recommended to wait till they have completed breastfeeding and getting pregnant before undertaking this treatment. Otherwise, if you undergo the procedure and then later have a baby, it will erase all the previous outcomes.

You Have Suffered Substantial Weight Loss

Sagging skin is inevitable when undergoing weight loss surgery or losing huge weight fast. With weight increase, the skin can adjust by stretching to accommodate additional fat. Once the fat is lost, the skin becomes loose.

Substantial weight loss may also lead to stretch marks, which are extremely challenging to address with topical treatments alone. If severe weight reduction leaves you with loose abdominal skin, a tummy tuck could fix it and restore satisfaction with your looks.

A well-sculpted tummy is a primary goal for many Americans. Though, despite spending hours working out and continually dieting, this objective could appear far-fetched.

Fortunately, with the revolutionary tummy tuck procedure, you can achieve a flat belly without navigating through numerous fad diets and workout routines. While the suggestions above are a nice outlook on who is eligible for a tummy tuck, you should always talk to your provider to determine if it is appropriate for you.