You will notice tears in your eyes even when you are laughing out loud. They offer lubrication and moisture so that you can see in the right manner.

What is there in a tear? Well, a tear is a mixture of the following:

● Special proteins to avoid the infection
● Mucus
● Oils
● Antibodies

It is said that the ingredients come from glands that are present around the eyes. If you are someone who has dry eyes, it clearly means that the system is out of whack. You might experience the below-mentioned conditions if your tears do not offer sufficient moisture.

● Sensitivity to light
● A gritty feeling
● Redness
● Itchiness
● Vision issues

At times, dry eyes may give rise to so many tears. This condition is known as reflex tearing. This happens when there is not much moisture present inside the eyes. In order to get immense lubrication, the eyes sent a signal with the help of the nervous system. To make up for all the dryness in the eyes, your body sends a flood of tears. It is somewhat like when you get dirt in your eyes and they feel itchy. Nevertheless, all these tears are clearly water which is why they do not play the role of tears. They do take away the dirt but do not coat the surface of your eyes.

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What gives rise to dry eye causes?

You may visit a dry eyes mask shop and get your hands on eye masks. But before everything else, you need to understand that there are times when there is a lack of balance in your tear flow system. Or there may be times when your room heater, air conditioner, or something else may be responsible for drying out your tear film. Other causes consist of the below mentioned. Take a look.

● Aging procedure which is natural.
● Side effects of specific drugs
● Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis
● Issues that do not let your eyelids close in the right manner.

Dry eye syndrome treatment

There is no denying the fact that there are a number of options available when it comes to dry eye syndrome treatment. Get in touch with your eye doctor and see which one will work best for you. Some of the treatments consist of the below mentioned. Take a look!

● Artificial tear ointments and drops: This is one of the most common and selected treatments by the patients. Various types of eye drops are available over the counter. You might have to figure out which one will work best for you as no one product is suitable for every individual. Make sure you use eye drops if you have chronic dry eyes. In addition to this, make use of an ointment if your eyes are dry while you sleep.

● Lipiflow:  Another treatment you can opt for is using lipiflow, a piece of medical equipment that uses pressure and heat. Basically, this equipment is responsible for unclogging the glands which are blocked. It is the glands that produce the oil present inside the tears. In addition to this, they keep the eyes moist and avoid the evaporation of tears.

● Testosterone cream: Dry eyes can also rise if you experience a lack of testosterone in the oil glands present inside the eyelids. In such a case, the doctor might recommend this testosterone cream. Make sure you apply it on your eyelids and this way the oil glands will surely work in the right manner.

Always Consult Your Doctor Before Making Any Changing

The utmost imperative aspect is that you have a duty to at all-time check in with your doctor first before you decide on switching to contact lenses or wish to change the brand. They will aid you to comprehend, what category of lenses would be appropriate in lieu of your eyes, and what can cause detriment to your eyes. When your doctor undoubtedly commends that you can switch to a new category of the lens, only then purchase the new lenses. Keep in mind they may be treated to help your eyes if the problem is something else as well. Often, vision therapy may help alleviate other problems that may be leading to dry eyes in the first place.

The Final Word

Even though you can use an eye mask for dry eyes, please give a thought about other treatments too. Keep in mind your requirements and ask for a piece of advice from your doctor itself.