Everyone has a right to primary care. Primary care is your first contact with healthcare. It is essential to maintain and restore your health. Primary care provides comprehensive health care to patients of all ages, including treatments, diagnosis, and prevention. It helps you create a good relationship with your medical provider. The primary care practice San Pedro specialists at Harbor Community Health Centers are ready to promote your health. Keep reading as we discuss what primary care involves.

What is primary care?

A primary care provider is the first person you go to when you are sick or need medical advice and a checkup. They provide general health services, such as treatments for medical conditions and management of chronic diseases. Your primary care provider also offers preventive care, including health screenings, lab tests, and immunizations to help enhance your health.

Primary care providers have detailed knowledge about your overall body organs and functions. They understand your health better and are ready to provide for all your health needs.

Primary care is critical to maintaining your health at every life stage. A primary care provider is your partner in a healthy and fulfilling life.

What types of primary care services are available?

The Harbor Community Health Centers team provides various primary care services, such as physical exams, sick visits, vaccinations, and treatments for health issues. In addition, the team also offers gynecological and obstetrics services and mental health services to meet every patient’s need. They aim to provide complete care in a convenient location.

Harbor Community Health Centers is your preferred primary care option as they offer a whole-health approach to enhance your overall health and wellness.

When do you need to see a primary care provider?

You can see your primary care provider when you are sick or need medical help. You can also visit primary care for routine health exams to enhance your health and wellness.

What does primary care involve?

It involves the provision of combined and accessible healthcare services to meet the health needs of every patient. Primary care hopes to form lasting and healthy relationships with patients. It involves providing various healthcare services to restore, improve and preserve your health.

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What are the benefits of primary care?

Primary care is your source of healthcare, where you partner with a health provider for the benefit of your health. Primary care improves your health outcomes, lowers health costs, and provides better access to healthcare.

Unlike an emergency room, primary care is less expensive and does not consume more time, making it a better alternative.

What are the different primary care practitioners available?

Primary care involves various health professionals that provide specific health care. They include family physicians, pediatricians, internists, nurse practitioners, geriatricians, and obstetricians/gynecologists.

What services does primary care provide?

You can access various healthcare services in primary care, such as wound care, cancer screenings, ultrasounds, diabetic care, and birth control services. They also provide health counseling which helps maintain your health.

Primary care is essential for your overall health and wellness. Contact Harbor Community Health Centers today to schedule your consultation.