Over the last decades, yoga has become one of the most popular practices in the western world. This amazing practice attracts enthusiasts of all ages and genders looking for the health and mental benefits that yoga brings into the table. However, if we want to consider ourselves true yoga masters, we need to learn it from its origins: India. 

The benefits of practicing yoga

There are millions of yoga fans all across the globe. From humble teachers to Hollywood celebrities, yoga seems to attract everyone alike. Yoga was born more than 4000 years ago, and now, there are as many disciplines available as necessities could arise. But if there is something all yoga disciplines have in common is their ability to help us connect with our body, mind and emotions by using different postures and breathing techniques.


People that try to practice yoga find the experience to be life changing, and there is no wonder why. An experienced teacher can assist you on your yoga journey by providing exercises adapted to your need, and this practice can be performed by anyone regardless of the age (from kids to 90+ elders, there is a yoga routine for everyone).

Yoga provides its practitioners with multiple health benefits, such as:

  1. It reduces stress and anxiety. Studies show that practicing yoga on a regular basis helps lowering your stress and anxiety levels greatly.
  2. It helps you sleep better. Studies show that yoga practitioners need an average of 10 minutes less than regular people to fall asleep and sleep around one hour more per night. Yoga practitioners also appear to be better rested in the morning.
  3. It makes you a better student.  Meditation and breathing techniques make it possible for students to feel less nervous and calmer while studying. This makes study sessions more productive, making you learn everything better and at a faster pace.
  4. You become a better worker. Some basis of yoga regard the feelings of satisfaction, compromise, emotional implications and relations with others. When applied to the workplace, yoga becomes a tool that makes us the perfect worker.
  5. It strengthens your muscles and bones. Yoga prevents lactic acid to accumulate in the body, preventing bone mass loss and strengthening the joints.
  6. It helps relieving chronic pain. Yoga can help soothing most chronic pains, but it is recommended the guidance of a professional teacher to avoid injuries in the process.
  7. It increases your flexibility. As you start practicing new yoga postures and slowly progressing at it, your body will reach new flexibility levels you could only dream at the start.

But this are only some of the benefits yoga brings to the table, the list goes on and on. If you are thinking about getting started on practicing yoga or considering become an expert, then look no further, yoga is one of the best practices you could ever choose to master.

Learn yoga first hand and become a yoga teacher

As we have seen before, yoga is an amazing practice that features everything we could wish for. If you want to learn yoga from experts and possibly become one yourself, we recommend you check out yoga courses in India.

Yoga was born in India, therefore, it is the best place to learn it from the best experts in the world. There are multiple courses that will allow you to learn yoga with teachers that count with years of expertise behind their backs. And best of all, some of these courses will give allow you to get your certified Yoga TTC accreditation.

This accreditation will certify you as an expert yoga teacher, allowing you to teach yoga yourself. This will open many business prospects, since you will be able to teach anywhere in the world and make a living from your passion.