If you are pushed for space, or simply want to have a more minimal, open-living space, then there are plenty of interesting and inventive storage options that can help you achieve this. Many people have a lot of belongings that they don’t want to get rid of, but simply don’t use enough on a daily basis. Storage is a great way to free up space and keep things out of sight, while remaining easily accessible. Here are just four out-of-the-box storage ideas for your home.

1. Self-storage units


For those large items that you are saving for the future, don’t want to get rid of or simply need somewhere else to store, renting a storage unit can be a great solution. Searching www.storagearea.com for units and storage options in your local area can help you find somewhere convenient to store your belongings, while keeping them safe and secure. There are plenty of different options to choose from which are suitable for storing different items, and you can choose the size you need, as well as any extra features such as climate-control, 24-hour access or even electricity.

2. Ottoman beds


Multifunctional furniture is a great way to make your items work twice as hard. If you have to have a certain piece in a room, why not make it double up as storage? Ottoman beds lift up to provide hidden storage under the bed. This is easy to access, and keeps your belongings right at hand. There is also the option to get ottoman beds with drawers in the base, which is another great storage solution. These types of beds reduce the need for extra storage units like drawers or dressers, which can make your room look larger and free up valuable floor space.

3. Couches


In a similar way to ottoman beds, you can also purchase couches and sofas with hidden internal storage. Again, if you have to have this piece in your living area, it makes sense to combine it with storage. There are plenty of options out there, with cushions lifting up or drawers in the base of the couch. If your living room is an awkward shape, then a corner sofa with storage could be a great solution, as well as working for those smaller living areas. Combining storage with furniture can help you save money and space, leaving your home feeling less full and cluttered.

4. Stairs


If you have stairs in your home, you may be able to turn them into a handy storage option too. Adding drawers into the steps is another example of combining essential home items with storage. If you don’t want to, or cannot, turn your stairs into drawers, then making use of the space underneath the stairs is another brilliant storage option. Some houses have their washing machine and tumble drier located under the stairs.

This space can be used to store many different things, and you can even install drawers or a cupboard there to keep your items hidden.