As the cost of renewable energy continues to go down, more and more people are switching to renewable electricity sources. Among the most affordable and abundant of these is solar energy. Solar installation Penrith is becoming popular nowadays.

Reasons To Install Solar Panels

5 Benefits of Solar-Paneled Houses

1.Provides clean, renewable energy – solar energy is 100% clean, renewable energy. It decreases dependence on oil, coal, and natural gas for electricity. These fossil fuels produce harmful exhaust that affects the quality of air, soil, and water and are responsible for global warming. It is estimated that between 2000 and 2065 the earth will lose a number of species of animals and plants to extinction than in the previous 65 million years combined. In contrast, solar energy produces no pollution. The sun’s endless power provides unlimited energy that does not damage the landscape or the ozone layer. Domestic solar energy plants are an investment in the future of the planet, saving non-renewable energy sources and protecting the environment.

2.Provides freedom and control over electricity – according to the research, the United States has the highest number of power outage minutes of any developed nation. The electricity grid is 100 years old and is not built for the vastly increased population today and extreme weather events. The grid needs to be modernized to meet the increasing demands of society. Installing a home battery powered by solar panels may store electricity to power homes through peak usage hours, giving households the freedom to control their electricity.

Solar panels and home batteries are more affordable, resilient, accessible, and efficient. They give peace of mind and security to a house in terms of energy when the power goes out or the next storm strikes.

3.You may save on the current utility bill – if you are facing increasing home expenses, the home solar panel can offset your cost. Savings can accrue on cloudy days, as the Sun emits energy through clear and cloudy Sky. Solar provides yearly savings and efficiency, even in cloudy, colder climates. Depending on the size of orientation and efficiency related to the sun, some solar panels generate more electricity than your home utilizes. This may decrease your monthly electric bill to zero in some areas, you may qualify for a rebate if your solar power system produces excess electricity.

4.Qualifies for tax breaks – one more feature in the rising affordability of the panels is the local tax breaks. Like other federal solar tax credit gives you a dollar for dollar decrease against your Income Tax. Nowadays the domestic federal solar tax credit gives you a  decrease against your Income Tax nearing 26 % of the total cost of solar energy systems installed at your home.

Purchased residential solar panels may improve the resale value of your home.


solar house

The cost of solar has gone down in recent years falling more than 70% in just the last decade. You will save money on maintenance also, as there are no moving parts to breakdown. Also, the cost of the home for the battery has gone down. The time for solar is now, see if this is right for you.