Most people, when installing a swimming pool, are oblivious to the maintenance that is required. After installing a swimming pool, you should be aware of its maintenance, and ensure that it remains clean. If you do not clean your swimming pool regularly, it can cause the water to look green and cloudy. In addition to this, maintaining the pH and chlorine level of the water in the pool is also essential.

Hence, you should know the reasons that can cause the swimming pool to get dirty. So, you can take necessary precautions and prevent it from worsening.

Dirt and other debris

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Dirt is one of the contaminants of a pool. It causes the pool water to appear murky. If you live in a windy area with dust, the swimming pool will get dirty often. In addition to this, debris, such as dried leaves and twigs, also contaminate the pool water. Use a pool cover to prevent dirt and other debris from entering the pool water. You can grow plants around the pool and use mulching material to keep the soil moist. The soil tends to attract dust and other debris, preventing the water from getting dirty.

Cloudy water due to ammonia

The buildup of ammonia in the pool causes the water to appear cloudy. In addition to this, cloudy water occurs because of the irregular level of pH and chlorine in the pool. High pH can lead to high calcium deposits, causing the pool water to look cloudy. Likewise, a low pH level leads to murky water as well.

To remove ammonia from the pool, you will have to use chlorine. Use a chlorine and pH test to monitor the levels in the water.

Imbalance of chlorine


Algae grow in water and warm temperature, which can cause the pool to appear green in color. The reason why algae grow in water is due to an imbalance of chlorine in the water. If the chlorine level falls to 1 ppm (parts per million), the likelihood of algae growth is high. Chlorine acts as a disinfectant and keeps the water clean of algae.

If the water is light green, then there is a low amount of algae. If the water is a darker shade of green, then there is a medium level of algae in the water. If the water turns black, then there is a high level of algae in the water. For more information on how to clean a green swimming pool you can find swimming pool cleaning services online.

Faulty filter

A faulty sand filter causes the water to become cloudy. A worn-out filter leaves large gaps in the filter. It will allow sand and other particles to go through. Hence, this causes the water to get dirty. If you see sand coming into the pool, it could mean a broken lateral. A lateral is a pipe at the bottom of the tank. These pipes have slits that allow water to pass through.


If you experience these problems with your pool, you may need to hire professional swimming pool maintenance.