In the age of contemporary living with a space crunch, owning items that are often deemed necessary by us, but not having the proper space to store them can make your life troublesome. One such life, and space, saving option is the bathroom vanity. When you think of the name bathroom vanities, you may be thrown off thinking it is some luxurious and space crunching piece of furniture, but you can keep your bathroom clutter-free by installing the bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanity

What Are Bathroom Vanities?

The bathroom vanities are a double functioning unit where a sink or basin, or two sinks/basins, is placed on top of a cupboard. The plumbing is hidden behind the cabinet, and there are additional drawers and cabinets needed to store various bathroom necessities. The benchtop too provides ample space for placing daily use items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand washes, and various other items.

Being an essential part of everyday life, bathroom vanities often play a vital role in uplifting the décor of the bathroom. You can play around with colors or opt to stick to the rule and be a minimalist. The benchtop of these bathroom vanities also offers the scope to have a high-end look and you can choose natural stone tops or glass tops for your modern bathroom.

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Benefits Of Opting For Bathroom Vanities

Besides highlighting the décor and feel of the bathroom, the bathroom vanities offer much functionality that will make your life comfortable. These benefits are:

1. Saving Space: Decluttering any space automatically makes the area look spacious. The best part about these bathroom vanities is that they help you be more organized and thus save space so that you have a neat-looking bathroom every time. This neatness also reflects on your personality and leaves a good impression when guests use your bathroom.

2. Can Be Customized: Whether you want to replace the benchtop, have two basins, or simply want to add extra cabinets, bathroom vanities offer you the benefit of customizing and modifying your vanity to suit your daily needs. This ease of modification also is applicable to getting your vanity built from scratch to not only accommodate your items but also fit your space without making it congested.

3. Varying Range Of Shape And Size: Before you opt for customization, you will be pleased to know that there are readymade bathroom vanities designs available in the market and you can easily install such stock vanities in your bathroom. Have a look at the various online catalogs and get an idea about the design and shape and size you are looking for.

4. Extra Storage: You can keep your bathroom clutter-free by storing your items like shampoos, first-aid kits, and personal hygiene items in your bathroom vanity. Having a bathroom vanity will not only solve the issue of providing extra space but also give you the benefit of securing your essentials by locking the drawer/cabinets.

5. Easy To Clean: One benefit that trumps all other of these bathroom vanities is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Since most of the space is locked or has doors, the accumulation of dust is almost impossible. So you do not need to spend any additional cost on their maintenance. Plus, you can add or install a mirror on your vanity to make your bathroom bigger.

Whether you want to opt for the wall-hanging one or prefer the grounded design, the bathroom vanity makes life easier for you as it addresses major issues faced by the homeowners today – space and maintenance being the primary concerns. And the best part is, these cabinet units will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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