Every item in your home has a story. Even the most insignificant things can remind you of a joyous time and unique life memories. Unfortunately, everything has an end, so most people tend to get rid of old stuff or replace it with something brand-new and fashionable. As a result, many valuable things either lose their value and become trash or end up collecting dust somewhere in the attic. It is needless to say that this is not how modern people should deal with problems.

Have you ever heard of upcycling? It is a relatively new idea of reusing or transforming discarded objects, waste materials, and useless or unwanted things into products of the same or even higher quality. In others words, it is you breathing new life into old things. If you want to revolutionize your life, you can start with your home and say NO to the old-fashioned methods.

Benefits of upcycling old things

Before you try out some amazing upcycling ideas, you need to understand how important and feasible it is to upcycle old things. At the end of the day, it is not only about you but also about where and how you live.


• You conserve the environment by reducing the amount of waste dumped in the landfills.
• You save natural resources used in production.
• You do not waste money on buying new stuff.
• You gain new skills by celebrating craftsmanship.
• You stimulate creativity by coming up with new ideas.


Now when you know how beneficial and important upcycling is, let’s look at five clever ways you can start changing your home right now.

5 DIY upcycling ideas to repurpose old stuff

1. Glassware

Glass jars, bottles, and other empty glass containers are arguably the most upcycable items. Jars will make great desk organizers and bathroom containers. Moreover, they are super practical when used for food canning and preservation. As for wine bottles and other empty glass bottles, you can apply a bit of your imagination and make candles or chandeliers. Be sure to follow safety measures when cutting bottles.

2. Old furniture

When it comes to antique furniture, there are plenty of ways how you can transform it. First off, you might want to reuse the wood. However, if your pieces of furniture are too old and fragile, the chances are that this option won’t be available for you. In case you are a skilled handyman, you can combine your old pieces and create something one-of-a-kind. Last but not least, consider selling your furniture at public auctions or directly to collectors. Someone could be interested in it.


3. Tiny little things

Egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, plastic bags, license plates, wine corks, bottle caps are all those tiny little things that you most probably ignore and throw away as soon as possible. By doing this, you make a disastrous mistake. In practice, all these trivial trifles can become exclusive accessories. Wine corks can be upcycled into stamps, egg cartons are useful for gardening, while license plates can become room dividers. Can you believe it?

4. Fine art

If you have found some old paintings in the attic, do not destroy them. First and foremost, you can enhance your décor with wall art. Besides, make time to turn to professional art appraisers to find out the nature and value of your belongings. If you are a lucky owner of a rare art piece or a unique work of religious art, you will be able to sell it for decent money or start a collection instead. In the worst-case scenario, you can paint over them.

5. Old tech

Outdated technology will take more time to upcycle. The easiest thing you can do is make a cat bed or a fish tank out of an old computer monitor. You can also decorate your walls with motherboards or floppy disks. Besides, some old gadgets are considered costly collectibles among private collectors, so you can either sell or give them as a gift.


Make past work for you

Hopefully, you will like the idea of upcycling old objects and put it into practice anytime soon. It is one of the best ways to preserve the past and make it look beautiful. Not only will new items bring comfort and style to your indoor space, but they will also help you value and focus on what you have and need rather than what you want to have but do not need.