Did you know that 75% of US homes have an AC nowadays? That means tens of millions of people rely on them to regulate the temperature inside their property! Are you one of them?

Well, now the sun’s coming back out, you’ll want to ensure your AC’s fully functional. The tricky part’s recognizing whether or not that’s the case! With that in mind, check out these 5 tell-tale signs it’s time to seek professional air conditioning repair las vegas.

7 Signs You Need Your Air Conditioning Serviced

1. It’s Not Cooling

The most obvious indication that your unit’s in trouble is when it stops doing its job. If it no longer circulates cool air around your house (or sends hot air out instead!), then it’s worth calling the pros. Just make sure you check the thermostat first…

Your AC might be on the wrong setting as opposed to having something wrong with it! Seek HVAC repair agencies as ac repair dallas tx companies as soon as you rule this option out.

2. It’s Making Strange Noises

Anyone with an AC in their home knows what it usually sounds like, right? It whirrs, hums, and purrs as it cools the air and pumps it into the room. Pay attention if you notice those noises start to change!

Sudden clunking, grinding, rattling, or banging is never a good sign. A part might have worked itself loose or a more significant problem may have arisen. In either case, you’ll need an AC repair company to inspect and repair it.

3. It Smells Bad

Unexpected noises aren’t the only sensory warning signal to think about. Some faulty AC units start to emit strange smells as well! In general, it’ll be a stale, musty odor that’s caused by mold or mildew growth somewhere in the system.

Needless to say, you don’t want those (potentially) dangerous spores being circulated around the property. Ask a professional AC repair service to swing by and rectify the issue.

4. It Feels Humid Inside

Your AC shouldn’t just cool your house down. It should prevent it from becoming humid too. That’s why it’s a bad sign if the air starts feeling sticky, heavy, and damp all of a sudden!

For one thing, the unit clearly isn’t performing as it should. For another, excess humidity levels can cause mold to develop. It’s in everyone’s interest to get the issue fixed ASAP.

5. Your Utility Bills Have Increased

Take a look at your latest power bill. Does it seem more expensive than usual for this time of year? Your old air conditioner could be the problem if so!

Whether your unit’s too old or has a fault somewhere, it’ll be working harder than usual to regulate the temperature. That decrease in efficiency uses more energy, which drives up your power bill in the process.

Time to Hire an AC Repair Professional

We don’t have to tell you how invaluable air conditioners are in the hot summer months. They cool you down and make life indoors more bearable as a result! Want to make sure your unit’s functioning at 100%?

Remember these signs you need AC repair! To learn more about your unit and how to keep it in good condition, search ‘HVAC’ on the website now.