According to the Department of Energy, 6% of all electricity produced in the U.S. comes from air conditioning units. That comes to an annual cost of about $29 billion to homeowners.

The main reason why the yearly cost is so high is that most people have trouble knowing the ideal temperature for their home. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem: using the correct home thermostat.

Of course, there are many types of thermostats, so knowing which one you should use may be a little tricky. Today we will help you by explaining the different types of home thermostats you can install in your home. Read on!

Using a Mechanical Thermostat

A mechanical thermostat heats and cools your water using thermal expansion that creates electricity using metal strips. Once the expansion happens, it begins to activate the mechanism.

Here’s a quick look at some benefits:

• Cheaper installation
• Resistant to power outages
• Easy to use


The benefits of a mechanical thermostat are relatively short-lived as they are more expensive to use in the long run and are incredibly costly to repair. That’s why it’s usually recommended to change a mechanical thermostat for a digital one.

Using a Digital Thermostat

Unlike mechanical thermostats, a digital thermostat uses unique sensors to measure the room’s temperature. Based on that measurement, it regulates the heating or cooling system.

Some of the benefits of digital thermostats include:

• Efficient temperature control
• Programmable temperature
• Quick to adjust the temperature


Of course, there are two common types of digital thermostats: programmable and smart. They both have similar functions but vary in price range. Let’s take a moment to look at them.


Programmable Thermostat

This home thermostat allows homeowners to set their daily and weekly temperature preferences. Some of the more modern programmable thermostats even allow you to set the temperature with your smartphone.

A programmable thermostat is ideal for people who live in areas where the temperature frequently changes as it adapts to the temperature shift.

Smart Thermostat

Despite being the most expensive type of thermostat, a smart thermostat will save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

A smart thermostat uses an advanced learning algorithm to set the correct temperature automatically. Once the algorithm learns your preferred temperature settings, it will set them without you needing to do anything.

It’s perfect for people living in really hot states like Florida or Texas, as it’ll make sure your home is always cool. If you live in Florida and need more information, be sure to check out

Types of Thermostats: Which One Will You Choose?

While there are many types of thermostats, without a doubt upgrading your old thermostat to a digital one is the best thing you can do. By using a digital thermostat, you’ll be able to use the AC more efficiently and lower your energy bill dramatically.

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