Whether you’re a home cook or an experienced chef whipping up delicious meals in a professional kitchen, you know the importance of a high-quality round trivet. Trivets are an essential part of any kitchen. These dependable little tools make all the difference when you’re transferring hot items straight from your oven or stove to the countertop. After all, you’ve spent thousands on getting those stunning new marbled tiles fitted; there is no way you’d risk causing them heat damage!

Round trivets
Ceramic trivets

Trivets are of various materials, including silicone, ceramic, cork, and even metal. All of these offer cooking enthusiasts different benefits. However, the best trivets are the ones that will protect your shiny new countertops to the max and ensure there is no heat transfer to them. Want to know which material does the perfect job? Ceramic trivets kitchen, of course!

Advantages of Ceramic Trivets Australia

Here are some of the most significant advantages of using ceramic trivets in your kitchen.

Water and Heat Resistant

Trivets are of many different heat-resistant materials, but none does the job as well as a ceramic round trivet. Ceramic trivets often have the maximum temperature rating, making them the perfect choice to transfer all of your hot pans and pots directly. No matter how hot or large your dishes maybe, your ceramic trivets kitchen can easily be placed under them to keep your countertops safe from the heat. Ceramic has a heat resistance of up to 356*F!

Aside from being exceptionally heat-resistant, ceramic is also superbly water-proof. It is perfect for use in the kitchen, where water and liquids spilling are common.

  • Low Cost Yet Durable

Most of us have grown up with quite a few ceramic trivets dotting our kitchens. That’s because our moms knew just how helpful ceramic could be in keeping the heat off the expensive kitchen counters. But, there is another reason behind this choice too!

Ceramic trivets in kitchens are exceptionally durable and long-lasting. This material doesn’t crack or break easily, making it a long-term investment. Investments, ceramic trivets are super cheap and easy to find in any store. They are the perfect, budget-friendly solution to keeping your kitchen counters in the best condition.

  • Prevents Stains on Your Countertops

We spoke about how trivets keep your countertops safe from the heat. There is another way in which round trivets will keep your counters sparkling and looking brand new.

Ceramic trivets do a great job of keeping stains and other messes off your counters. Since your pots and pans have been on the stove, they will likely develop stains and blackened ends. Always use a ceramic trivet under the jars to ensure these stains aren’t transferred to your counters.

  • Super Easy to Clean

The above point probably makes you think of how all the stains will end up on your trivet, right? Well, ceramic trivets are the perfect solution to this problem too! Ceramic is an easy-to-clean material, so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing or scraping anything. You won’t even need to turn on the dishwasher for it!

Just wipe the trivets with a damp cloth, and you’re done! If you notice any particularly tough stains, using your usual dishwashing soap will do the trick!

  • Attractive Finish

What we adore about ceramic trivets Australia is the gorgeous design range, paired with attractive finishes. These round trivets are sure to fit any kitchen style and instantly brighten up your cooking space!

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