Who isn’t interested in living a simple yet sophisticated life? Narrow house lots are the cheapest option where you do not have to compromise your dream lifestyle and live a luxurious life. Narrow house lots are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, with many people opting for them. Although you have less space to work on, designers engineer narrow house lots so perfectly that you never feel you lack space.

What is a Narrow Lot House?

A narrow lot house is a plot of land for constructing a house, which is smaller in size than usual. The area is narrow, and only a talented designer can design these narrow lot house plans skilfully, to utilize every bit of spare space available to provide maximum functionality and storage.

The popularity is due to the reduced cost of building a home as compared to the traditional house. Narrow lot houses are highly desirable since you can live in an area of your choice, closer to the city, where you cannot afford to buy a regular house.

Benefits of a Narrow Lot House


  1. Construction in Your Area of Choice

If there is a location that you would love to build your house on but couldn’t, a narrow lot house is an answer to your dreams. It would enable you to live in the area with your favorite cafes, shops, schools, parks, or restaurants. You do not have to compromise on your favorite locality and can still make a home in the area of your choice.

Moreover, you will be able to take part in the property market of your favorite location. A smart design could give you all perks of a spacious house, including a backyard. You can enjoy the same neighborhood and friends and still have plenty of room.

2. Affordability

The chief reason why many people opt for a narrow lot house is affordability in every aspect. Not only does the land cost less, but its construction expenses are also much lesser than that of an average house. Also, narrow lot houses offer value to their owner as their demand has increased in the market.

Apart from the land and the construction, the upkeep of a narrow lot house will also save you some money. It brings your monthly expenses down, which would prove to be very beneficial in the long run.

3. Innovation and Creativity

Today’s technological era has made it possible to fit a lot of things in a small space. For instance, creative space-saving floor plans can allow you to utilize your small space impressively. Clever structural open living designs of vertical architecture give an impression of large space.

New methods have made it possible to include an outdoor barbeque area and a deck to the kitchen. Also, new designs feature a combination of indoor and outdoor space to maximize expanse. They make use of high ceilings and starlights to create a wide-open space. These new creative and innovative house plans outperform the expectations of narrow lot homeowners and break the myth of congested space related to narrow lot houses.


4. Space Optimization

When speaking about narrow lot houses, an enclosed and jammed space comes to our minds. However, the innovative design plans are so stunning that you’re in for a big surprise. Smart designers make optimal use of space, turning them into modern living spaces. High ceilings and open living concepts give the house a grandeur and magnificence that is truly unexpected. Also, patios and galleries are an added benefit that could enable you to enjoy sunrises and sunsets as you would in a regular house.

Not only do innovative narrow lot houses look spacious, but they are also very practical and livable. Every aspect is taken into consideration by the designers. These designers ensure that your house is comfortable as well as spacious. This idea gives rise to space optimization, which is the maximum utilization of space. Every storage opportunity is taken into account. For instance, the space under the stairs is usually utilized for storage, and modern shelves are installed.

5. Environment Friendliness

Not only is a narrow lot house comfortable and cheap, but it is also very environmentally friendly. There are fewer lights used in your narrow lot home due to its limited space. Also, as you do not have a big garden and outdoor area, less water will water the property. Narrow lot houses prove to be economical in every aspect, and maintenance is also reduced, which indicates a lesser carbon footprint.

Your property would require lesser electricity, which would save a considerable amount of natural resources in the long run.

Usually, narrow lot houses have skylights for extension of space, making the house airy and lit during the day. You wouldn’t need to open any lights with the amazing skylights.


To sum up, narrow lot houses have been so successful and so many people live satisfying lives in them that old homeowners are bringing down their large homes to be divided into two or three smaller narrow house lots. Their increasing demand is due to the ideal living conditions provided by these narrow lot houses, due to which they are no longer confined spaces.