Not every home owns a piano. And it’s not every day that you relocate that piano. Sure you can move a piano yourself but at what cost? Should you hire professional movers?

When moving a piano, one of your major concerns is whether to do it yourself or hire professional moving services.

After all, the grand piano can easily be the biggest “furniture” piece in your home. This bulky and heavy musical instrument can weigh between 500 and 1,200 pounds – that’s roughly 4 units of 25 cu. ft. French Door refrigerator! Trying to move it alone without any help might break your back or damage the unit.

Aside from the weight factor, the piano is an expensive piece that you surely don’t want to damage. The average unit price for a grand piano is around $23,000 but the most luxurious ones can cost up to several million dollars.

Although hiring professional movers with piano moving feature seems the most ideal, it often entails a hefty cost. Depending on the size and type of piano and the distance, piano removal and delivery services cost anywhere between $200 and $1,000.

Hence, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. Knowing the risks and benefits of DIY piano moving can help you discern what’s best for your grand piano and your safety. An informed decision ensures a stress-free and safe piano moving.

Pros of DIY Piano Moving


Full control

Moving a piano yourself can be beneficial in many ways but perhaps its most important benefit is that you call the shots. You decide about everything – from the date of the move to the packing supplies used to the trucks rented out. When hiring professional movers, you are bound by their schedule which can be tight especially on peak moving season. DIY moving gives your flexibility and enables you to work at your own pace – no rush.

Huge savings

Moving the piano yourself could mean huge savings since you don’t have to pay for professional services. DIY moving allows you to purchase cheaper supplies and rental equipment or truck. You can even find free moving boxes, bubble wraps, knots, and other packing supplies available in your home. And since you can slowly organize the move, you can look for deals and discounts.

Guaranteed protection

When you do the move, you know that the piano is in good hands. You can pack, protect, and secure the furniture the way you want. You can add pillows, bedsheets, moving blankets, bubble wraps, and other soft garments to avoid any possible damages. During the transport, you can stop to check if it’s safe.

Cons of DIY Piano Moving


Moving specialists at Torex Moving emphasize that relocating a bulky furniture piece like a piano is a very complex and risky endeavor. It’s not only the size and weight of the musical instrument that makes moving tough. Pianos have delicate components that can easily get damaged or detuned with sudden jolts due to improper handling. These damages can lead to costly repair or can even be irreversible.


Moving a piano yourself entails risks. Without proper tools and equipment, moving such bulky pieces can cause serious personal injury or damage to both the instrument and the home. Pianos also come in different shapes and sizes – and each requires a different approach. Professional movers are experienced and equipped with the right tools, materials, and supplies that can prevent these dangers. These experts know how to move the piano through narrow hallways, steep staircases, and other complex walkthroughs.

Heavy, bulky

If you choose to DIY move, you need to be ready to carry such a bulky, heavy piece. While you can enlist the help of friends and family, the risk of dropping the furniture is still there. You can hurt your back as well which could mean paying medical bills. Most likely, it is more expensive than hiring movers.


While DIY moving gives you the liberty to move at your own pace, planning and coordinating all aspects of moving can be challenging. Looking for different truck rentals, gathering supplies, and packing the piano is something that requires time. You also need to consider the availability of the truck. Another concern is planning the fastest route to your destination.

Lack of insurance

Lastly, with DIY piano moving, you don’t get the protection that insurance offers. In case of an accident, you can be held liable for the damages. Likewise, if the piano gets damaged, you don’t have anyone to turn to.


So, should you still consider moving a piano yourself?

If you have serious financial constraints and are confident about doing it yourself, for sure DIY piano move is your option. But if you want peace of mind, it’s best to hire a reliable piano moving service. Moving a piano is a nerve-wracking experience that is best left to professionals.