More and more people are adding rugs to their homes, and even where they work, to add some colour, style, comfort and warmth. But as well as choosing a rug based on how it looks and how it will meet your needs, you also need to think about how you will look after the rug. If you properly take care of a rug from the start, either learning how yourself or using a top rug cleaning Toronto service, you can extend its life, getting the best value for your money. Regular cleaning by a professional and experienced cleaner is especially important with delicate and expensive ones like oriental rugs.

Rug Cleaning

When should you have your rugs cleaned?

In an ideal world, you would have your rugs cleaned properly twice a year so every six months, especially if it is in an area that sees a lot of traffic. If you are wondering whether it is time for a rug cleaning Ajax service you can test your rug by giving it a rub with the palm of your hand for 10 seconds. If dust flies up or your hand is now dirty then it is time for a clean.

The right knowledge and experience is important

The person you have to clean your rugs should be someone with the right equipment and the right knowledge. A rug cleaning Toronto based service will have a multiple of tools and skills to draw upon to get the job done well and to keep from doing damage to the rug. If you have accidentally caused small damage or staining to the rug they are the best ones to call in to examine it and try to fix it. The process is a lot more involved than vacuuming or giving it a spray. It needs dusting, washing using different agents depending on the rug, rinsing, drying and if it has one, restoring the fringe. That takes experience and skill.

Choosing a great cleaning service to trust

There are many options to find a great rug cleaning Ajax located business. Where you buy your rugs from may offer a cleaning service, and you know they will understand how to handle and clean the rugs without doing damage. There are also some professional and trustworthy cleaning services out there. As well as offering general and office cleaning service they might offer carpet cleaning, window cleaning, mattress cleaning and of course, rug cleaning to name a few.


When you are the owner of one or more rugs, to keep them clean and looking vibrant, and to protect your investment, you should consider having them professionally cleaned twice a year. Since most people do not have expert knowledge in rugs and their care, it makes sense to use people whose job it is to know what they are doing. Just find a service with good reviews, a good reputation, and with real experience. Compare a few options and choose the one that you feel good about.