Open-air living holds a lot of green appeal to everyone. It takes you back to the lap of nature. If you are thinking in terms of a relaxed setting where you could unwind after a long day with a drink in the evening, just a cozy sofa set along with a nice coffee table could create a warm and inviting outdoor living space. However, your outdoor furniture needs to be protected from the harsh weather elements. Hence, you must buy the right outdoor furniture covers to not only protect the furniture from any unwanted damage but also to add an elegant touch to the overall aesthetic ambiance.

Outdoor furniture covers come in various designs, colors, and fabrics. You must examine the qualities and features of the covers. Check out the type of material used and see if the stitching is perfect. Check the dimensions and the colors. Here are some relevant questions for guiding you in your quest for the best outdoor furniture covers.

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Is the Cover waterproof?

Your outdoor furniture must be covered with a top-quality waterproof cover so that your furniture is dry and there are no risks of being exposed to snow, sleet or rain. Moreover, some well-designed covers have piping all along the seams for preventing water seepage. There could be vents for reducing condensation.

What Is the Shape or Size of the Cover?

While thinking of buying the right cover for your outdoor furniture, you must examine if the cover is fitting snugly over the sofa set or other pieces of furniture. You must measure the dimensions of your outdoor furniture items accurately and meticulously so that you could get the perfect covers. Moreover, you must focus on buying covers with adjustable hems along with straps for securing your furniture.

Do The Covers Have Closures?

You must buy covers that flaunt closures that could be used for securing the covers perfectly to your outdoor furniture pieces irrespective of whether the closures are Velcro, zippers, or ties.

Is the Cover Good Enough to Protect Your Furniture from the Harmful UV rays of the Sun?

UV rays of the sun could be instrumental in degrading outdoor furniture. Hence, your outdoor furniture items must be covered with a top-quality cover that would be blocking some harmful rays of the sun. This should help in maintaining your outdoor furniture in top condition year on year during the winter season.

Conclusion: Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Most fabrics used for making covers for your outdoor furniture could be cleaned scrupulously using a blend of water and gentle detergent for washing them and retaining their silky texture and sheen. Always look for the care tips provided on the tags attached. After examining meticulously the instructions and recommendations present on the tags, you could wash the covers in a washing machine using a mild detergent from a reputed brand. As per , your lawn furniture must be kept in top condition too. Covers if placed strategically could protect your outdoor furniture. Remember most commercial cleaners seem to be quite harsh and abrasive when used for cleaning your resin lawn furniture. You may clean your outdoor resin furniture with a soft wet sponge that is dipped in vinegar or baking soda without any fears of dulling or scratching the surface. Wipe and rinse well. Once dry, cover your outdoor furniture to keep them well-protected from extremes of climate, dirt, or dust.