Whether you have just bought a house or just had one constructed, the whole place needs a thorough cleaning before anyone can move in. This cleaning spree is unlike any other as you need to clean a lot of surfaces and you should reach every nook and cranny dust that might have settled in.

Dusting smart

If you are moving into a recently constructed home, then expect to find dust and sawdust all over the place. Before using a wet cloth to clean all the surfaces, first dust the whole place. The usual dusting technique should be followed and that’s to start from the top.

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The ceiling, high shelves, and light fixtures are your duster’s first stop. As you work your way down, don’t forget about window sills and the inside of cabinets, even if they have doors. Fine dust gets in through the tiniest of crevices.

Giving the bathroom a thorough scrub

The initial stages of cleaning the bathroom are less sophisticated, as you’ll need to scrub hard. Before you are ready to beautify the water room, you need a brush an abrasive cleaner to wash every section of the bathroom. The shower cabin including the walls, the tub, the toilet, the sink, the mirror, etc. all need a thorough scrub before you are ready to use the bathroom.

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Some cleaning solutions need to be left overnight to do their magic, so read the package label carefully. Also, don’t mix different cleaners, as this crates toxic fumes and always wear rubber gloves. If possible, mix up a green, homemade cleaner made from baking soda, white vinegar, and a few lemon juice drops.

Cleaning the walls in the kitchen

Even if the walls of the house are freshly painted, the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are going to be greasy, if nothing else, then from the people installing them (their fingerprints remain on the tiles). Furthermore, cooking oil splashes all around, so kitchen tiles get soiled after a couple of months.

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Instead of scrubbing hard like in the bathroom, opt for a smarter cleaning hack in the form of a specialized cleaner/degreaser. They are manufactured in such a way that they dissolve grease particles. Alternatively, you can apply fabric softener to a sponge and then rub it on the greasy spot.

Falling between the cracks

Cleaning kitchen counters, including the island one, is quite easy. All you need is a wet cloth but you need to pay special attention to the area between the cracks and seams. Before cleaning them, extricate all the muck using a putty knife.

clean surfaces

You can use an old toothbrush to scrub these areas, and then let them dry completely. For protection against water damage, a thin layer of watertight caulk is recommended for similar crevices.

Turning to personal help

As stated in the introduction, cleaning the whole house is a mammoth undertaking. Luckily, just like the end of lease cleaning services, you can hire professionals to clean your new home. Not only do professional cleaners save you time but they will clean the house thoroughly.

They possess equipment that is too costly for you to buy for a single cleanup and they are experienced enough to know which spaces are often skipped by homeowners.

Cleaning (the inside of) the stove

When it comes to the kitchen, the inside of the stove is going to prove the most challenging. Like with the tiles in the kitchen it’s all about cleaning the oven in a smart way unless you want to scrub hard for hours in vain.

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Commercial oven cleaners are potent enough to degrease the oven in less than half an hour. After the chemicals do their job, you clean the inside of the electric stove just like any other surface. Needless to say, drip pans and other removable elements and drip pans should be taken out of the oven before cleaning it.

In the end, don’t forget to clean the front panel, the dials, and the stovetop.

Tending to the floors

There is probably more than one flooring option inside your house and they need to be cleaned differently. For instance, carpets are normally vacuumed but before you move in. Call a professional to steam clean all the carpets, even if they are brand new or in mint condition. Such a cleaning method also kills most of the germs, sanitizing your living quarters in the process.

carpet cleaning

For hardwood floors that don’t have a cover over them, a sweep is enough to get you started. The second step is to use a mild soap (there are soaps indented for cleaning wood floors) to remove dirt and then polish it until it shines.

Cleaning the fridge

Even if the refrigerator inside your new home came straight from the shop. You should clean it a bit because you will store food there. Start by not plugging the fridge in and wipe down the shelves with a soft cloth so as not to scratch them. 

Everything that can be removed, such as bins and drawers should be washed alongside the dishes. Before placing the fridge in place, wash wipe all four sides of it and disinfect the handles.

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Moving into a new home is exciting for every member of the family and especially the children. However, you don’t want the little ones breathing in dust, so give the place a thorough, yet smart scrub.