A home foundation is the most essential part of every home. Over the years, it experiences damage and other problems. To fix these problems, you need to seek professional help and hire contractors. You need to understand the underlying cause of the damage so that you can find a contractor who can provide solutions for specific problems. Besides, this knowledge helps you prevent future foundation damage.

Here are some common Foundation issues.

Uneven Floor and Bowing Walls

Your home foundation is on the verge of collapse due to soil movement and settlement. Weather changes affect your soil to a great extent. When your home gutters clog and grading becomes improper during heavy rain, then water starts moving toward the home foundation instead of moving away from it.

This situation is quite damaging to the foundation. It’s because the soil gets saturated and expands, and then it moves the floor above it. During extremely dry and heated times, the soil becomes dehydrated and starts sinking the floors.

You don’t see this foundation damage in your home unless it’s too late. Bowing walls in the basement and uneven floor of crawl space often tell you these underlying destruction stories. It’s time you need to hire foundation repair experts. They are experienced professionals who are used to dealing with foundation repair tasks.

Walls Cracks

Cracks on walls are also common signs of foundation damage. However, not every wall crack is structural. If a crack is diagonal and stair-like, probably it’s due to structural issues in your building.

home foundation issues

However, you don’t have to worry much. If there are severe cracks, foundation repair experts fill them with epoxy injections. It’s a cost-effective repair and can be done in only one day.

Solution for Foundation Damage

Concrete Floor

When your home experiences foundation damage and you start noticing structural problem signs, you need to get help from experts. They offer a variety of solutions based on your problem.

Concrete Lifting

If you have an uneven floor, then your floor needs mudjacking and other concrete lifting services. Sometimes, your foundation sinks and requires a complete lifting service from the experts. In that scenario, hydraulic jacks and piers become super effective.

concrete mix

Mudjacking is a traditional method in which holes are drilled in the concrete floor, and cement slurry is injected. The purpose is to maintain the base structure and give it strength.

Water Management

Sometimes, you face foundation issues due to plumbing issues all over your basement. In that scenario, experts plan interior and exterior waterproofing. They spend days in excavation, and it takes some time. The purpose of this service is to discharge water from your home in the best manner. When you live in a flood-prone area, water management certainly will help you deal with extreme foundation sinking issues.



Sometimes, your home structure sinks due to water and other problems. In that scenario, foundation repair experts always suggest underpinning. It’s a process of strengthening the foundation. If they don’t give this support, your foundation sinks even more over time and whole-home collapse.