When considering what type of air conditioning to get you have three main types, centralised, split and units. In terms of being cost-effective a reputable electrician, Hervey Bay would likely tell you that centralized options use more power and therefore cost more. But there are ways to make any air conditioning you choose more energy-efficient and therefore cost you less money. Here are some tips on how to keep your bills down.

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Choose Energy Star Units

A big thing is to choose air conditioning units, whatever type, that have an energy star rating. These systems use less energy than other options. You can get central and window units that cool with energy efficiency. Central ACs with an energy star rating use at least 14% less power than non-energy star options and window units use at least 10% less energy than their conventional counterparts.

When you are looking at air conditioning Hervey Bay options that will save you money on your bills, energy star ratings are the thing to look for. When you have old air conditioning that soon needs replacing, consider swapping to an energy star product. While they may have an initial cost that is a little higher, over the long term the costs they save you on your bills make then well worth the investment.

Think about the thermostat settings

Another way to cut down the costs is to have an electrician Hervey Bay, install programmable thermostats. This way you can control the level of the temperature better and cut some costs in power consumption. When at home set to somewhere around 78 degrees and that should be cool enough to be comfortable without overloading the system.

Remember making drastic changes to the temperature of your home uses more energy to achieve. When you are not in the home you could turn up the thermostat so that it is just a little less than what it is outside. This allows it to be cooler when you walk in with less stress on the unit and less energy consumed when you are not there.

Make sure your home is insulated and ventilated

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There are things you can do around the home to make sure it is well insulated so that it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Having an attic that is well ventilated is a good way to ensure the heat absorbed from the roof does not affect the rooms below too much.

The basement should be well sealed and windows too so that cool air is not escaping the home. Check things like gaps around doors and windows, utility ducts, and any cracks too.

Control the heat in your home

An air conditioner works by cooling the air in the home. If there is a source of heat in the home all day, that can make the conditioner have to work extra hard and use more energy. As well as considering the air conditioning Hervey Bay that you have, also think about what appliances are always on generating heat, computers, lights, and so on. If you limit the use, turn off lights, all of that can add up to using less energy and reducing the strain on your cooling system.