Curtain and blind specialists have worked with energy efficiency experts Kuppa to help raise awareness on how curtains can instantly save you money on your heating bills.

As households grapple with a big increase in their electricity and gas bills, it may be a surprise that 27% of your yearly heating bill goes to make up for heat loss through windows – amounting to £1,099 p/a based on the average energy profile of a typical Victorian 3 bed home.Kuppa Co-Founder Kirsty Kenney says:

“At Kuppa we know that thermal lined curtains can result in big benefits; reducing heat loss through your windows by 27% and saving an average home up to £291 a year on energy bills. And that saving will increase if energy prices go up again. Choosing well-fitted curtains is key to saving big this winter.”

Energy Bills

Stitched founder Elinor Pitt says:

“Curtains aren’t just an aesthetic feature in your home, and using them in the wrong way could be multiplying your already rocketing energy costs. The great thing about made-to-measure curtains is that they are the perfect fit for your windows and can be tailored to include a lining of your choice – making an immediate difference in insulating your homes and keeping your rooms warmer in the colder months”.

Here are’s top tips for how to use curtains to save on your heating bills:

  • Whatever curtains you decide to buy, make sure that they fit your windows correctly. For curtains to best retain the heat inside your rooms, they should be made to the exact dimensions of your windows, should be hung as close to windows as possible and fall onto the floor. Any gaps will allow the heat to escape, reducing their efficiency.
  • 75% of residential window coverings remain in the same position every day. Don’t fall into this habit – be strategic about when you open and close them throughout the day. 1
  • By drawing the curtains at dusk, the average UK house can further reduce heat loss and reduce the need for heating. In winter, you should draw your curtains earlier in the night, making sure that the curtains overlap in the middle.
  • A curtain’s ability to reduce heat loss depends on the fabric type. We recommend buying closed weave fabrics such as wool, flax and velvet as they perform the best in terms of heat retention.
  • If you live in a bigger home with lots of single glazed windows the effect from installing curtains will be even bigger – a saving of £103 per sash window
  • To reduce heat loss even more you could line your existing curtains with an insulating material, such as thermal or blackout lining. This is thought to reduce heat loss from windows by as much as 25%. 2

Energy facts:

  • Heat gain and heat loss through windows account for roughly 25-30% of heating and cooling energy use in our homes, the Department for Energy says. 3
  • Hundreds of thousands of people overpay by £1000s on their heating bills due to poor insulation, but fixing that can reduce these costs. 4
  • Up to 27% heat loss reduction with thermally lined curtains (Kuppa’s research)


  • Kuppa created a thermal resistance figure for the curtain based on the thickness, weight and material and applied this to known thermal conductivity of single glazed windows. They cross referenced their methodology with the Historic England reports and made allowances for the fact that curtains aren’t tightly fitted or drawn at all times. 5
  • These profiles and numbers are based on Kuppa’s customers, a typical Victorian 3 bed, with 22.1m2 windows and the average energy profile expected from October 1st
  • A pair of Single Glazed Sash Windows of 7.8m2 will lose £387 p/a through heat loss
  • By applying the 27% saving –  you get savings of £291 p/a across the house or £103 for the pair.

StitchedStitched make handmade, made-to-measure curtains and blinds with fabrics from UK mills, all hand-sewn by local makers. Purchased from the comfort of your home, measured in minutes and handmade by UK makers with 4-week delivery you won’t be waiting months to start saving. is also partnered with and Swoon. For this month only, Stitched is offering a free thermal lining upgrade on all curtains and blinds ordered before 1st October.