A screen door, also known as a storm door or a mesh door, is a door containing mesh in the middle of a frame. It is often installed on the exterior doors to prevent insects and bugs from entering in, and also to give security to the house without obstructing the outside view and air. Basically, the mesh works as a screen to keep insects from entering, to keep your pets and children safe, and to allow proper ventilation by allowing fresh air to flow into your house. Due to their non-obstructive nature, screen doors have become extremely popular door choices in the country. Let’s have a look at the different types of screen doors available out there:

Hinged Screen Doors:

Screen Doors

Hinged screen doors are common styles of doors, featuring a basic metal, wooden or plastic frame that holds a mesh screen in the middle. These doors not only keep your house safe and secure but also keep insects at bay and provide proper ventilation inside your house. You will also be able to see the outside world through the mesh. Being fixed with hinges on one side, they swing open and need some clearing space to open and close. Door closers can be installed on them for smooth and quiet operation. Make sure that the hinged screen door you choose, looks good and it is made up of durable and good quality material.

Retractable Screen Doors:

Retractable screen doors are like pocket doors that are often attached to the exterior surface of a usual door. When you don’t want it, you can withdraw it into the frame recess. Such retractable screen doors are often difficult to spot at first glance and are capable of bringing out the best from your door. Whether you have a single entry door or a double-entry one in your house, you can easily install this type of screen door on it and enjoy its versatility. They are practical and aesthetic screen doors that provide ventilation inside the house, and at the same time keep insects away. Ideally, they are like roll-up blinds with a vertical mount. You can install a speed reducer on them to let them fully interact without much noise and pinched fingers. The best thing is that they are barely visible, and they offer you a clear view of the outside without obstructing visibility.

Sliding Screen Doors:

Screen Doors

If you want a full-size screen door that does not need any clearing space to open and close, then a sliding screen door would be the ideal option to go for. Since sliding screen door slide into one another, they keep the space unoccupied. It is possible to make such doors with the maximum amount of mesh area, with just a thin frame to hold the mesh in place. These doors provide the maximum unobstructed view of the outside and offer the best ventilation to let fresh air in and throw stale air out. While they prevent your pets and children from going out, they still offer a clear view of the outside.

Other than these three common types of screen doors, there are a few more that you can go for. Some of them are:

  • Barn style screen door with extra-large openings
  • Pantry style screen doors that allow you to have a glimpse into the pantry without opening the door
  • The decorative screen door that can be customized as per your space needs
  • The nursery screen door that allow you to have a look at your pets and kids
  • The playhouse screen door, that allow your kids to play outside without feeling the heat

So, with so many options to choose from, choose the right screen doors as per your requirements, preferences, and budget, and be proud to show them off.