Electricity has been used in homes since the late 19th century and it has gradually spread across the country. Today, most people take it for granted. However, electricity is also dangerous. It is responsible for many electric shocks every year, a few of which are fatal. It is also one of the main causes of house fires.

In short, you should be having your electrics inspected by a reputable level 2 electrician every year. They will be able to identify issues and help you resolve them before they turn into something more serious.

You may be interested to note the most common electrical issues in the home:

Circuit Breakers Tripping

Modern houses use circuit breakers as they are designed to cut off the power to a designated circuit in a fraction of a second. They react as soon as they detect an issue and can literally save your life.

One of the most common electrical problems you will find at home is when the circuit breaker keeps tripping.

This suggests an issue with the circuit or a specific appliance. You will need to unplug all appliances on the circuit and turn the breaker back on. If it trips again then it is a problem with the circuit and you need a electrician from Caloundra West to look at it.

If t doesn’t trip then plug each appliance in one at a time. If the breaker trips after plugging something in, unplug it, reset the breaker, and plug it in again to a different socket. Should the breaker trip again you have found the faulty appliance.


Most main circuits are designed to handle 8 sockets. However, many people plug in extension blocks, giving them additional sockets where they need them. This makes it easy t overload the circuit which can cause excessive heat and even start a fire.

Check your sockets and avoid using splitters and extension cables to prevent overloads.


Electrical Shocks or Buzzing Noises

These are received or heard from sockets and light switches. If you hear or feel a shock then you know there is an issue with the electrical wiring in the socket. It is best not to use this socket again until you are sure that the issue has been resolved.

Electrical shocks and flickering can also be accompanied by a burning smell as the wires touch and create heat which damages the socket. This needs urgent attention to prevent a fire from starting.


It is easy to live in a house for years and overlook the electrical system as it works. However, as it ages the outer protective layer on the wiring will deteriorate. This can cause electrical shocks, short circuits, and other issues. Many of them can lead to fires.

In short, get your electrics checked every year to keep you and your family safe. The cost and hassle of an inspection are significantly less than dealing with the devastating aftereffects of a house fire.