Dried flowers are back! You may have already spotted them in many home magazines and Instagram is also full of them – dried flowers are a trend. Read here how to dry flowers yourself. With the right preparations and a little patience, it’s done in no time.

Can I dry all the flowers?

Before you get started, it is important to know which flowers are suitable for drying. Unfortunately, not all flowers lend themselves to the drying process, as some stems are too soft and contain a lot of moisture, such as tulips, daffodils and amaryllis. Which flowers are suitable? Flowers with woody stems, such as roses and sunflowers, are nice and firm and therefore ideal for drying. Cornflowers, poppies, cow parsley and grasses are also perfect for this.

This is how you dry flowers

All you need is rope, flowers and a little patience.


Step 1

Find a warm, dark area where the flowers can dry. Light will fade the colors. The heat speeds up the drying process and prevents the flowers from getting moldy.

Step 2

Tie a piece of string to the ends of the stems so you can hang them upside down. Preferably directly above the heating. Make sure that you hang the flowers separately from each other, so that they don’t get moldy. Compare it to wet laundry: you have to hang it out and spread it so that the moisture can evaporate.

Step 3

And now… wait! The flowers have to dry to the core and that can take a few days. The thicker the stem, the longer it takes to dry. Your flowers are dry when the stem is pinched. Is the stem still flexible? Then you have to wait a little longer.

Enjoy your dried flowers for a long time

Voila! Your flowers are now ready to use. You can now tie them together and hang them or place them in a vase. The only thing you should not do is place the flowers in a damp room, such as the bathroom. Dried flowers attract moisture and that will not make your flowers very happy.

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Surprising style

Do you usually go for a fresh bunch of seasonal flowers? Put something different on the table and opt for dried flowers. A design with dried flowers can give your interior a completely different feeling. For example, go romantic and rural with our Flowergram and make every corner of your interior cozy. Do you prefer the Scandinavian style? The Flowerstone is a statement design for lovers of minimalism. You can of course also mix and match the different flowers and create your own design.