Float Up the Staircase to Heaven

With Modern Floating Staircases of your Dreams

Forget your closed riser, hefty, light-blocking, space-consuming staircase. It’s 2023! We have no time or room for that. Floating staircases are the new standard– some people will swear against it out of fear or weak limbs. But the strongest of us all with the motivation to conquer the world know a floating staircase is all it takes to make believe and succeed.

Staircases have been as forgotten as they have been reused across centuries. Aspiring architects knew the effect a design could have on people.

Sometimes, ascending a flight of stairs is all it takes to regain self-confidence. It’s like all the energy and vision the staircase was built and designed with is oozing into you through your feet. This is the power of aesthetics. An unseen force of magnetism of an aura draws you to the other end.

The Fluidity of Floating Staircases

Floating Staircases

Curved spirals and zigzags are built with solid silhouettes. Their structure is magnetic. Meanwhile, the modern floating staircases are quite the contrary.

The floating staircase design can be constructed by just detaching the staircase riser. But the effect this simple dismantling could have is exceptional. We get something light and airy, laidback and relaxed, and calm but confident.

Some might see floating stairs as a sign of alarm and caution. Others will see them as a challenge which is actually nothing to fear if you believe you are safe, for you still have heavy treads under your feet carrying you to safety. So let’s learn more about you can integrate this seamless design into your house.

Unique Staircase Design

The designs that come with modern floating staircases are as limited as your imagination. To be honest, that’s the case with any staircase in the world. So, let us discuss the many variations of designs in Global Compare that you can apply to your custom staircase.

One way to accessorize your custom floating staircase is to add LED lights. The lights will shine best when combined with a patterned tile feature wall and sleek glass railings.

Make the floating staircase more unique by spiraling the shape and adding a curve in the top, bottom, or even the middle of the stairs. An L-shaped or U-shaped floating staircase with zig zags is another idea that, when constructed, will turn it into a magnum opus.

The Ultimate Float

Let’s not forget the all-glass staircase, either. The trick here is not to integrate any steel at all. The construction of this kind is the most complicated, as you will have to support this stair with bolts that are almost invisible or not that noticeable to the naked eye.

You can incorporate more texture into your staircase by appending divided or asymmetric glass rails. Or we can drop the whole idea of the staircase railing and replace it with glass walls on one or both sides of the staircase.

Float Into the Nature

And who said you have to swear off a floating staircase because you are more down-to-earth? A floating staircase can look more natural with wavy wooden treads and handrails. This is how we can enter, or shall I say, float, into the organic staircase territory. A few changes at the primary level are all it takes to make your staircase fit anywhere.

Variations of Staircase Components

Floating Staircases

At Global Compare, you will receive glass, wood, and steel treads. Wood is the most preferable choice, as it is as cheap as it is durable and naturally slip-proof. Steel treads with a wooden finish are another exciting but popular choice when you want something more durable, lasting, and sturdy.

Most customers chose glass balustrades, amongst cantilever steel ones and wooden railings. Floating staircases showcase utmost modernism. Naturally, homeowners would want something that looks as transparent as possible. So glass conveys the lightness and hollow look of the entire staircase the best.

Stainless steel handrails can give your floating staircase more sheen as well as structure. It will reflect light and transmit more of a sparkly feeling.

If you want more details about our staircase customizations, give us a knock. Our customer service will answer ASAP with all the information you need.