Furnica – from rags to riches

Furnica is a well-known company established in Great Britain, which produces and sells furniture products. In the Furnica online store you will find all the necessary fittings and furniture accessories. You can choose from dozens of types of hinges for cabinet doors, pneumatic and gas lifts, kitchen equipment. There is no shortage of furniture parts, such as versatile door legs, as well as some decorational assortment.

In Furnica, everything has to be well organized and planned. That is why you can easily find exactly the product you need on the website. You can also use various guides to help you with this.

Furnica hinges in all shapes and forms

Are you looking for the right furniture hinges? Well, you just found them! Check out what Furnica’s prepared for you and – there’s no doubts about that – you will be possitively surprised. It’s so as in Furnica you are able to choose the very specific hinge you need. Kitchen door cabinets, dining room furniture, bathroom furniture, horizontal, vertical and versatile handles, pneumatic and gas hinges, obtuse and wide hinges … you can repeat it for a long time – it’s easier to see for yourself.

Wholesale prices for everyone

Furniture stores have got us used to the fact that they have a wide selection of furniture and fittings. But they often only allow other companies to shop. Restrictions also apply to the type of goods and prices. Meanwhile, in Furnica it is completely different. Everyone has access to wholesale prices. All products are available to everyone and at the same low prices. You can even buy a few hinges for your home very cheaply with fast delivery where you need it. Especially in times when lockdowns make social and economic life difficult, Furnica’s solutions are very popular. In practice, therefore, such a range of furniture is used by individual clinicians, furniture companies, furniture manufacturers, other wholesalers, offices and much more.


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Best furniture accessories

Furniture accessories are often no less important than the furniture itself. In fact, they are the ones we most often pay attention to. They delight with appearance, but also provide basic functionality. Examples? Let’s think about clothes hooks, which are essential in every home or office. It’s like a simple purchase, but it is worth choosing a high-quality product and a good design that will fit the entire room. Enjoying online shopping, you have such possibilities. Choose the best furniture accessories in the Furnica online store and become a master of furniture-like products!