There are multiple options for adding a sub to the bass system. But before all of this, one must choose the subwoofer ( sub ) and amplifier ( amp ) well. Wiring 2 subs to mono amp can help get a quality sound. Mono amplifiers are well suited to be combined with two subs. The traditional method indicates connecting one sub to one amp, but it is about breaking conventions and taking it to the next level. All it needs is some simple tools and basic instructions.

What Is Meant by a Sub?

A sub or subwoofer is a form of loudspeaker that produces low-pitched audio called bass. It is made of one or more woofers and is available in various designs. Active subwoofers have built-in amplifiers, whereas passive ones require an external amp.

What Is Meant by an Amp?

An amplifier or amp is an electric device used to escalate electric currents. It can either be a separate piece of equipment or a circuit within another device. Both frequency and physical placement categorize them. It is ideally connected to a sub to increase the frequency and produce better sound.

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●Application of a Mono Amp

A mono amp is mainly used to boost a mono signal. In the case of a stereo signal, which has two channels, two mono amps will be required. Here one mono amp turns up the right channel, and the other will intensify the left. Most TV and radio signals have stereo, so most music sets up integrated stereo amps. Mono amps are most popularly used in cars due to their advantage of separating each channel. Mono amps go mostly with car subwoofers and are excellent for enhanced output.

●Benefits of Mono Amp

The most significant reason mono amps are more popular than multiple channels is the single sound channel quality. The single channel reduces the chances of sound output getting mixed. Also, the power supply is dedicated to a single channel and receives sufficient power to get amplified. Mono amps can be a little expensive compared to multiple-channel amps. However, investing in multiple mono amps can be worth considering its application.

How to Wire the Sub to Mono

Wiring 2 subs to mono amp is possible by connecting them parallelly. Indeed, mono amps can only be connected to a single channel, but one can link two subs to a mono amp using the following steps.

● One needs two excellent speaker wires to connect the sub and mono amp. Use one wire to connect the subwoofer to the amp and use the other one to connect both subwoofers.
● Strip off ½ inch insulation from speaker wire ends to expose bare wire.
● One end of one speaker wire needs to be connected with the amp output. Ensure that the positive ends of the speaker wire are connected with the positive terminal of the amp. Follow the same for the negative ones.
● Connect the other end of the speaker wire to the subwoofer inputs.
● Now, connect another speaker wire from one sub to another. Insert the second wire into the first subwoofer terminal and connect its end with the second subwoofer. Check that the first sub’s positive terminal connects to the second sub’s positive terminal.


Turn on the power and test the subwoofers. This setup requires the two subs connected to a mono amp parallelly. This way, one does not need to invest in two mono amps. Mono amps help produce deep bass because of their single channel. However, as mentioned earlier, one can use it with two subs for a fantastic experience.