A grille is usually described as an opening with several slits that typically allow air or water. This shouldn’t be confused with a register that has a damper included. The primary purpose of the grille is air ventilation. Installing a Bar Grille is one of the essential yet underrated tasks. They can be installed in your current house during renovation or while a new house is being built. Either way, there are a lot of parameters to be considered before setting it up. Bar grilles play quite a role in making your space look aesthetically pleasing. I choose the wrong one, it will allow too much or too little air. So, in this article, we will mention few steps that will help you choose the right linear bar grille.

Steps To Choose The Right Linear Bar Grille

  1. Select The Type

The first step towards choosing the right bar grille is to select the type of bar grille you desire. Since you already know that you want a linear bar grille, we must get into the specifics. This means selecting from wide ranges of colors, styles, metal types, and finishes. As this is something you will have to see every day, therefore, we should make sure it has an aesthetic impact on your space, it has good performance quality and durability. We have to also decide whether we want a flanged or flangeless grille.

  1. Measure The Grille

Now measure the length and width of the grille. You have to write down the measurements. Also, don’t forget to add space that the frame is going to take up. Grilles can be located on the wall, floor, or ceiling. We have to remember to add one by 8 inches if we are going with flanged and one by 16 inches if we are going for flangeless. If you are unsure of the measurements, you can always reach out to the dealer, and they will give appropriate solutions for your problems.

  1. Getting The Right Airflow

The third step is to get the perfect air floor into your space. This totally depends on the size, type of room, and where you stay. This needs expert attention as they know what type of grille is to be used in what kind of space. It is vital to get the amount of air blown into or out of the room. Since it does not have a damper, and we manually cannot control airflow. The airflow is the controlled using factors like the size of the grille and the degree of deflection. If the space is huge, it requires high airflow, but that’s not the case in smaller rooms where we need to restrain the flow.

  1. Customizing

The final step is customizing the linear bar grille according to your needs. Different people have different styles and want their homes to be an extension of their style. They prefer choosing the type of grill based on the theme of their space. This includes choosing the color, metal, shape, and size of your grille.

You can choose from different metals like steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. Again the linear bar grille is available in different finishing like powder coated, satin finish, anodized finish, or you can also get it customized to match the color of your room.  You can also opt for the L-Bead installation option. This means that the grille will have a flush finish. The Flush finish will help to give an illusion that the grill is built into the wall. When you do opt for this, we have to make sure that the grille matches the room.


Make sure that while choosing linear bar grille, you choose the right size and quality, to ensure its longevity.