Buying a new house is a huge task as properties now cost a ton of money. If it’s impossible to afford a new house for now, it’s better off renting a place temporarily as you begin saving up for better pastures. Of course, renting is a different matter on its own as well. Before you rent, here are a few things that you may want to consider first.

Make a Research on the Crime Rates Of The Area Where You are Going to Rent a House

Everyone wants to live in a neighborhood that’s safe and free of crime. The hard truth is that there’s rarely any place with no crime. The best you can do is research about the certain area’s crime rates. This way, you can at least get a grasp of whether or not it is safe. Everyone wants to live in a neighborhood that’s safe and free of crime and guarded by Oakwood Security.

Crimes cannot be prevented and in small neighborhoods, you’ll see larceny-theft as the most common. These may be minor crimes but they are crimes nonetheless. Understanding the crime rates in neighborhoods will help you understand whether or not you are truly fit to be in that area.

Get Acquainted With Your Neighborhood

One way to keep yourself safe within your neighborhood is by getting acquainted with it. Knowing it like the back of your hand could mean life or death within your rental space. Ideally, you’d want to know where the nearby police station and hospitals are. Just in case you get in trouble, you’d want to know where you can run to from where you are renting.

You can ask your landlord about the location of these key places before you move in. What’s good is that most of these rental places are located near these key destinations. You don’t have to worry too much about these places being too far.

Check All Possible Entry And Exit Points

Before you sign the papers and pay for the rent, you’ll need to be very discerning with the new place. Check out all possible entry and exit points within the house. Know where possible intruders might try to barge in at. As for the windows and doors, make sure that the locks are properly installed and that the hinges are in the right position.

These areas could be your way out in case of a fire or an intruder. As such, it is a must for you to know your place inside and out if you want to ensure your safety.

Find A Secret Hiding Place

When push comes to shove, you won’t have the time to run and hide. Instead, your best option is to simply hide in a safe room, a secure hiding place, that only you know about. This could be the closet or the space under your bed. What’s important is that the place should be hard to find.

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If you are going to hide in your secret spot, make sure that you have your cell phone with you. This will help you contact the police and emergency services when needed. To make things much safer for you, you may want to store some defensive items  in these areas ahead of time. These include pepper spray, a gun, and even something blunt to hit intruders with.

Check Out The Security System

Most landlords equip their rentals with its own security system. This is one of the must-have features of properties now as the options for security are amazing. Ideally, you’d want to rent a place that already has a CCTV system equipped but there are better options other than this as well.

Aside from CCTV systems, you should also check for fire alarms and smoke detectors. Lastly, if you are renting in a subdivision, you may want to try checking out if the place has guards that roam regularly.

Get Friendly With Your Neighbors

The truth is that your neighbors are going to be some of the first people that will come to your aid in your time of need. When you are finally residing in the place, introduce yourself to your neighbors as a sign of goodwill. Get to know them better and let them know that you have their back just as they should have yours.

Get A Dog

If your new place allows pets, then it might be time to bring your best buddy along for the move. If you don’t have a dog, then consider owning a dog as they serve as amazing companions in your time of need. Dogs will not only protect you, they’ll also alert you of any intruders who are too close for comfort. Of course, it’s an added bonus that you have a loyal companion by your side.

There’s nothing more valuable than your security. Staying safe at the new place you are renting means being prepared for whatever might happen. Hopefully, our tips help you out greatly as you move.