Want to stand out from all the other cookie-cutter homes in the neighborhood? One of the best ways to do this is by getting an outdoor water fountain. This will add a personal touch and beautify your space.

There are many factors to consider when deciding to install a fountain. Nowadays everything is customizable so there are a variety of options to choose from.

You’ll have to take into consideration the material, the size, and the design.

Of course, there’s also the price.

Speaking of price, you may be wondering how much a fountain costs. Read on to find out.

What Type of Fountain Is It?

The great thing about modern-day living is that there are endless options to customize your home. This also extends to water fountains.

With so many choices at hand, it can be overwhelming to be decisive. This indecision will not only put stress on you but also on your wallet.

The materials, size, and design will all determine the cost of a fountain. Even simple things like whether it’s an indoor or outdoor fountain affect the price.

This is the fun part, exploring the different options and crafting the ideal water fountain for your home. Once you’ve decided on your dream fountain, you can take the steps to determine the cost.

Several guides will not only break down the costs based on your choices but give you local prices as well.

You can see that the possibilities from www.livingwateraeration.com/collections/pond-fountains are endless! It can be as simple as a small fiberglass fountain in the garden to an elaborate waterfall in a pool.

Whether browsing for indoor fountains or outdoor water fountains, you’ll be able to find several types of fountains – all within budget!

pool fountain

Let’s say you want a glass waterfall fountain but you don’t think you can afford it, don’t feel limited. A glass waterfall fountain sounds expensive but some start at $160.

There are affordable options everywhere you look.

Additional Costs to Install a Fountain

It’s tempting to believe that the only cost comes from the aesthetic of the fountain but that isn’t always the case. There are several other factors to consider when it comes to the cost of a fountain.

For one, there are the costs of labor and installation. Some fountains are easy to set up, they’re already made and all you have to do is place them.

Other fountains are not so easy. Especially if they’re customized or complicated in size/shape. The more elaborate fountains need labor that can go exceed your budget if you aren’t careful.

In general, the cost of installation is usually that of the fountain. Many professional companies who install fountains for a living tend to charge between $40 – $65 an hour. This can add up if it’s a large project.

That’s not all.

Depending on the land you’re working with, you might need to have excavation or regradingwork done. The amount of excavation work you might need to be doing depends on the location you want the fountain to be in. This will add an additional $225 – $420 per cubic yard to your budget.

To get that tranquil running of water, most fountains need electricity. Generally, you need at least one pump to run your fountain. This can run you several hundred dollars.

Another option to consider is solar fountains. These will cost more but they are a good investment in the long run since they save energy costs. The installation for these are simpler as well, so there are many pros to consider.

Fountain Maintenance

So by now, you have chosen a beautiful new fountain for your home.

There is an additional cost that many people tend to overlook: the cost of maintenance. It may seem discouraging to have another element to consider but this is what will keep your fountain looking brand new for years.

Maintaining it will also keep the cost of repairs down so it is a worthwhile investment. You can choose to do monthly maintenance or space it out in a way that aligns with your budget.

Outdoor fountains tend to be more expensive to maintain than indoor fountains. There is more debris to remove and harsher weather conditions. They do have several elements of maintenance in common though, such as draining the water and cleaning the pump.

Another thing to note is that you should disassemble and store your fountain during freezing conditions. This is something that is easy to overlook if you’re a first-time fountain owner.

Each maintenance session will run you about $50 to $150.

There are also smaller elements of maintenance, such as algae preventing chemicals or scrubbing the surfaces. These tend to be the more affordable aspect of maintaining your fountain.

Finally, the water pump is the heart and soul of water fountains. If the pump is neglected, that will end up costing you more in the future.

Besides tending to the outer appearance of the fountain, be sure to take care of the inside as well by ensuring it is periodically cleaned.

This small amount of routine maintenance will ensure your fountain looks and performs as if it were brand new. It also ends up saving you money in the long run, smaller costs will save you from any large bills caused by neglect.

How Much It Typically Costs to Install a Fountain

fountain cost

If you’ve been considering adding some much-needed oomph to your space then consider adding a fountain now that you know more about when to install a fountain.

Don’t let money be a deterrent. With so many types of fountains to pick and choose from, you are bound to find the right one.

Remember that there are several factors that come into play when it comes to the price. There’s the type of fountain, the additional costs, and the maintenance.

Congrats! Now you’re one step closer to installing a fountain and adding a unique new addition to your home.

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