Looking forward to buy a vacuum cleaner? There are a number of things you need to take into consideration according to All Great Vacuums. Understanding their types, features and uses can really help you to make the final decision.

As a general rule, vacuum cleaners can be simply categorized into two types:

  • Vacuum cleaners with removal bags – These can store dust
  • Vacuum cleaners without removal bags – These don’t store dust

Both types are known to have their own pros and cons

The major advantage of bagged ones is that they have larger capacities. This helps with storing all of the dust and dirt inside bags. The owner can dispose these off easily. Most companies offer these cleaners with additional filtration. It helps in preventing allergens from escaping and mix in the environment. Buyers should keep in mind that these bags have shorter life span. Hence, these should be replaced from time to time.

On the other hand, the cleaners without bags do not demand any extra cost of bag replacement. These are ideal for smaller spaces. Having smaller capacities, these vacuum cleaners get filled easily. Some dust may escape the container while emptying them. But with the Riccar R10CV, you can avoid such hassles.

Most vacuum cleaners are designed to support dry-dust cleaning. Some are even made to carry out wet cleaning efficiently. These models are ideal for regular kitchen cleaning purposes.

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Choosing Vacuum Cleaners

Consider the Right Size

You must consider the size of cleaner as per your cleaning requirements. The medium to large sized ones are the best for cleaning floors, stairs and furniture. Smaller handheld machines are lighter and easy to carry around.

Power and Capacity

Vacuum cleaners come equipped with motors. These are crucial for their optimal functioning. Choice of capacity will depend on the type of cleaning you do. It all depends on the model type. The motors are usually fitted as per the models. If you go for deep cleaning vacuum, these come fitted with higher capacity motor for ensuring optimum performance. These may range anywhere between 1300 and 1800 watts.

It is also important to understand that a standard vacuum cleaner has a tendency to consume good amount of energy. The process of vacuum cleaning at home or office may get noisier when using a high capacity cleaner. The smaller alternatives produce less noise and consume less energy.

In case, you are looking for vacuum cleaner online for using at home, choose a smaller machine.

Right Attachments

Vacuum cleaners are available with several attachments. Canister version is available with crevice brush, upholstery brush and carpet brushes. A handheld one comes with a bunch of accessories such as nozzles and extension pipes ensuring better reach. Longer length wires should be considered for extended reach.

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Look for Features

This is an obvious consideration. In case, your home has varied floor surfaces, installed carpets of different styles and thickness, choose vacuum cleaner that offers variable suction types. It can be used on these surfaces effectively and without much effort. Most modern cleaners are available with adjustable dial. It allows users set the desired suction pressure.

Ask the sales representative to let you know about actual controls positions. This matters a lot. Most of the expensive range in the market is available with controls on the handle. Budget buys come with controls on the machine’s body. Filters variations are also another feature to be considered prior to buying vacuum cleaners.

Reliability and Life

A vacuum cleaner should last longer. Hence, it is important to explore as many options as you can online by visiting official website of the brands. Compare various options with features and prices before making final decision.