Summer is universally known as the perfect time to kick back and enjoy. But summer can also be the perfect time to do some deep cleaning you don’t usually do.

Since you would want to spend most of your summertime relaxing and enjoying, the best would be to do all the cleaning early on, in the first month of the summer, so that that’s off your to-do list. Of course, keep in mind that some cleaning will need to be done daily to keep the home clean and tidy.

So, let’s see what can you do to keep your home clean and nice smelling this summer.

Dealing with kitchen odours

Hot weather paired with humidity is what brings the unpleasant smells from the kitchen. Sink, trash bin, recycling bin, even from the fridge, the bad smell doesn’t know bounds.

To deal with kitchen odours during summertime, you need to regularly dispose of trash. After the trash has been disposed of, make sure you clean the bins with bleach and water.


As for the sink, the best would be to keep it always clean and after every use, pour white vinegar down the drains to prevent an unpleasant odour. You can also soak sponges and dishcloths in bleach and water every day to prevent the germs from spreading.

A fridge is also a place that should be cleaned and organized because it can smell really bad if you don’t clean it. Take everything out of your fridge, throw away everything that has expired or gone bad and then thoroughly clean it.

Dust, dust, dust

Dry and windy summers are the reason you have so much dust in your home. That dust is particularly obvious when you let the sun shine through the windows. Everyone knows that dust can cause some bad allergies, so it’s best to find ways to deal with dust regularly.

Vacuum the floors daily, dust furniture and behind or under furniture, picture frames, windows, window sills, and so on.

Daily dusting can significantly reduce the amount of dust in your home and in that way reduce the chances of allergic reactions.

Clean the carpet and upholstery

Summer is the ideal time to do some carpet and upholstery cleaning. Regardless of whether you have a shoes-off policy in your home or not, summer is the time when carpets get heavier foot traffic.

To remove the dirt and debris from the surfaces of your carpet or rug, you should vacuum it more often. However, you can also go a step further and have it cleaned by professionals.

Cleaning Service

And you can do the same with your upholstery. It’s ok to vacuum your upholstery and remove dust and crumbs from it, but some deep cleaning is necessary. And summertime seems like a perfect time to have someone do it.

Bathroom maintenance

Humid environments such as bathrooms are a perfect place for the growth of mould and mildew. Thankfully, there are some cleaning tips that are quite fast and can be very useful for bathroom maintenance.

The first tip is to swish your toiled bowls with a brush after every use. Similarly, after using the shower, use a sponge or a rag and clean it, also use a squeegee to remove the water from the glass and tiles.

Wipe down the mirrors with fibre cloth so that there are no lint or streaks on them. Clean sinks and faucets with a cloth or sponge after every use. Wipe the floors with a mop and make sure you replace or hang wet bathmats and towels to dry.

Wet towels and bathmats smell really bad if they don’t dry properly. Also, make sure you replace towels frequently during summer because they take on a musky smell real fast in humid and hot environments.

Refresh the air in your home

Stale air inside your home during the summer months is normal. But to combat it you need to be a bit creative. If you don’t have an air conditioner, you can use a ventilator. The other option is opening the windows, but if the outside air is hotter than the inside, then that’s not an option.

The best solution would be to use air purifiers or essential oils. There are many benefits to investing in an air purifier. It removes allergens, bad smells, dust and pet dander, harmful chemicals and so much more from the air. On the other hand, you can also use non-toxic essential oils to freshen up your home.

Cleaning your home during the summer months may be the last thing you’d want to do. However, if you want your home to be clean and fresh, you need to find some ways to maintain it even during the long hot summer days.