The home exterior significantly affects the overall aesthetics of your home. When the weather is nice, you probably want to spend some time outside in your backyard. You won’t enjoy it very much if the exterior of your home is unsightly.

This summer, you can be completely prepared for long, lazy afternoons in your backyard, enjoying the surroundings. Do a couple of upgrades on the home exterior and in the backyard and wait for the summer.


Tend flower beds

Starting from the basics – well-tended flower beds say something about the overall maintenance.

First, you should remove weeds and debris, then get mulch and spread it over the beds. Landscaping will instantly look refreshed.

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Plant annual flowers, such as petunias, impatiens, and pansies – they bloom quickly and last for a long time. Always go for brightly colored annuals if you’re planting them in the spring and summer. On the other hand, choose autumn colors when you’re picking flowers in late August.

Remove dirt

Sidewalks, the driveway, and the front and the back of your home will be most effectively cleaned if you set up your garden hose to the strongest setting. Just be careful so that no water gets under the home’s siding.

Alternatively, you can rent a power wash – just be aware that it could damage the siding – don’t put it too close to doors and windows because the pressure could remove the materials sealing the house.

Refresh home’s siding

This is one of the most effective ways to uplift your home exterior. Home’s siding frequently has some weak areas that would use repairs and improvements.

You can start with house rendering first – there are probably parts of the exterior wall that need to be smoothened. After that, you can consider adding a fresh layer of paint that goes well with the doors and windows, but which also fits the dominant colors in the yard.


Another option is to re-side the exterior with stone, brick, wood, or even vinyl – make the choice according to the price. It will also improve the protection of the home against weather or structural damage.

Replace the roof and windows

Just like the home’s siding, the roof should be replaced every 20 years (depending on its condition). In case you did a thorough check-up of the exterior and noticed leakages, or missing, broken or curling shingles, maybe it’s time for repairs or even for a total replacement of the roof.

The same goes for windows – this is a job that should be done during the warm months. The job doesn’t take too long but it can be annoying to let all those bugs and insects inside the home. In case you’ll need custom-made windows, make sure you order them on time. You’ll be amazed at how much new windows uplift the exterior.

Uplift the brick

In case you have a patio or a deck, you could consider uplifting its floor. You can create a wonderful, long-lasting design with two shades of tinted exterior stain.


First, you need to use a concrete primer intended for the exterior, and then apply the base coat. After 24 hours (that’s how long it takes for the layer to be completely dry), you can move on to playing with the shades of stain. In case you need to speed up the process, use a paint sprayer for the primer or an airbrush – here’s the guide; Airbrush Guide.

Update backyard light fixtures

Light fixtures on the front porch, garage door, and in the backyard affect the curb appeal and the overall aesthetics of the exterior.

If you still have builder-grade light fixtures or the outdated models, it’s time to replace them. Just make sure the breaker is shut off before you start installing new fixtures. Also, don’t touch the wires until you’ve tested them with a live-wire testing device.

In case you don’t want to spend money on new fixtures, then spray-paint or simply repaint the existing ones. For example, if the fixtures originate from the 80s and come in gold, the quickest solution is to paint them black.

Improve the look of the backyard fence

Wooden fence loses its nice looks over time due to harsh weather and strong sunlight. Every few years, it’s necessary to re-stain it.

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First, spray the fence with stain from the bottom to top, then engage the trigger.  When you come to the end of the coverage area, release the trigger, and do the spraying motion. It’s important to keep the sprayer at least 10 inches away from the fence. Keep a steady pace for the best results.

Upgrade/replace backyard lawn furniture

It goes without saying that lawn or patio furniture needs to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to contribute to the looks of the exterior.

If you have the furniture in some boring color like brown, give them a new life by refinishing then in some bright, cheerful color. Be sure to wash them first and remove any mold, dirt, and mildew.


If you notice gray or dark yellow wooden pieces of furniture, it’s a sign of UV damage. There’s nothing you can do about it, so replace them with new ones.

Bottom line

Upgrading your home exterior is a good investment when the warm months approach – you will be spending a lot of time in the backyard, entertaining guests, and relaxing. Start with some of the improvements right now to see how they affect the overall look.