Qualities of an RV Memory Foam Mattress You Should Look for

How to Choose the Best Mattress?

Regardless if you RV full-time or just for occasional fun, you will end your day lying on a mattress. So, to make your adventure more satisfying, you need to get sturdy beddings that provide you the relaxation you need.

There are many kinds of RV memory foam mattress, making it hard to choose the right ones for your needs. Consequently, the market is saturated with low-quality beds that often get preferred over premium ones.

Going cheap might save you hundreds, but it would not contribute to the excitement and comforts of your RVing experience. So, choosing the rightly priced mattress to outfit your RV is a must.

Qualities of a memory foam mattress you should consider

RVers and enthusiasts typically recommend getting a budget RV mattress that won’t break your bank accounts. But beyond the price point, you need to find one that fully supports your comfort levels. Your bed should also be industry compliant with a level of firmness or softness based on your requirements.

The qualities of an RV memory foam mattress you should look for include:
● Minimal weight. The weight of whatever you outfit or put in your RV affects your vehicle’s driving ability. So, when looking for the right memory foam mattress, always look for one which carries minimal weight. Also, remember not to compromise on durability despite its lightweight construction.
● Durability. The durability of your RV mattress is one of the crucial factors to consider before placing an order. The confined space of your vehicle makes the bedding material susceptible to scrapes and folding. And because of the confined spaces, your mattress can easily acquire dirt from spills and splashes rather than the actual amount of sleep which happens.
● Cost efficiency. Compared to a traditional mattress that sits in your bedroom, RV bedding is much more susceptible to wear and tear because of constant movement from place to place. It experiences extreme temperature changes, and owner handling are also factors to consider. A longer lasting RV memory foam mattress will give you the serviceability and comfort you need for a long time.

Choosing the right-sized memory foam mattress for your RV

The memory foam mattress industry caters to almost all possible venues of comfortability, from homes to the RV market. So, choosing the right mattress all comes to personal preferences.

Young woman sitting on the bed with neck pain after wake up

Choosing the right size, though, comes primarily with knowing your RV. The price point and comfortability come in second as they give you the right level of satisfaction to contribute to your RVing experience.

Nonetheless, memory foam mattresses for RVs come in a different profile. They come with different sizes and thicknesses, from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. Memory foams are typically constructed with a layer of viscoelastic polyurethane or low-resilience foam on top of a high density-based polyfoam.

It is worth noting that RV beds do not have the same size as a conventional mattress. They are a few inches shorter than standard mattresses, like for instance, twin beds and queen mattresses, which tend to be shorter or even narrower. They also have curved edges and can be manufactured with a custom shape to fit an RV space.

Though the size is an important aspect when choosing the right bed for your RV, its weight is one primary consideration. You would not want a too thin bed that does not allow comfort or a very thick mattress that holds too much pressure on your payload.