Firewood is one of the crucial requirements of the winter season which is irreplicable. Since the initial days of human civilization, wood has remained an integral part of survival. From infrastructure to cooking, what can serve multiple purposes? In order to stay warm in the chilling cold, still people prefer firewood over modern room heating devices. There was a time when firewood was available as free fuel everywhere.

Even LargeLogs were easily available. As the demand for firewood fuel is increasing, it is becoming scarce. Consequently, people can’t get hard firewood even after paying a huge price so search for mulch sales near me and you’ll find lots of sources.

If you also had a bad experience with the last firewood seller, read some tips we are mentioning below.

All possible sources of buying firewood

1. Firewood Store

Firewood store is the officially recognized place for buying hard and softwood logs. Wooden logs are professionally seasoned and sliced according to the requirement of the buyer. This is the most reliable place where to buy firewood near you. Potential buyers can approach many firewood sellers online through their official websites and mobile applications.

However, these firewood stores usually run out of stock during the peak season. Therefore, you must have some other alternatives.

2. Sawmill

Sawmill is a great alternative to the conventional firewood Store. Usually, good quality hard timber is processed in sawmills. However, the entire wooden log cannot be utilized for furniture or infrastructural development purposes.

The remaining residue is one of the best options in alternatives to firewood. Timber merchants properly season their wood before processing in order to prevent any kind of climate impact.

Also, firewood available at these sawmills will be cheaper than the conventional firewood Store.

3. Arborist Agency

Just like a sawmill, an arborist agency is an alternative source for arranging good quality firewood. However, you need some experience to identify the tree species that are ideal for fuel. During the tuning season, arborist agencies get contracts for removing branches from large orchards.

Consequently, it becomes very difficult for them to manage such a large quantity of residue. This residue can be utilized as fuel. However, you may need to make some efforts such as slicing of branches in the proper size and seasoning them before the winter season arrives.


These are the three conventional and alternative sources of arranging firewood. While going with the option of alternate sources, make sure that you are getting adequate time for their seasoning.

If you have personal land property, utilize its trees instead of wasting your money on other firewood options. There must be some hardwood species like ironbark and red gum that can be utilized as a perfect source of fuel. Just get a chainsaw on rent, cut the tree, and utilize its branches as fuel.

The most valuable part, its trunk will help in meeting the need for furniture.